Thursday, 7 March 2013

Outcast Club Meet

This month's Outcast Club meet was held on a chilly, damp and dark night, but even so the usual hard core club members still attended The Charter Pub, in Aylesbury.
The pub car park makes an ideal place for a
members vehicle line up

I like this photo... left to right, my bay, Stuarts
bay, Claude's Kombi, Andy's Split, Adrian's

Claude and Andy are off to Ninove, in Belgium
tomorrow (Friday) and Claude has obviously
cleaned and polished his Kombi.

All shiny and ready for the European VW

Claude has altered his rear window sticker to
read 'Le Bus Low Life' quite apt seeing as
Claude is French!

Nice shot showing how narrow Claude's
front beam is, and his newly painted wheels.

Andy's panel van has just passed the MOT so
it's all systems go for the jaunt across the
English channel.

Andy showing off his freshly painted colour
coded rear bumper.

Not content with painting his bumper, he even
managed to recover the door cards and
steering wheel. I'm not going to say anything
about the 1970's fake fur on the door cards!

I don't think Andy will be too comfortable
sleeping in his bus tomorrow night will all the
spares and bits and pieces... good luck mate!
Andy leaving the meet early, probably to go
clear the back out!!
Adrian and his mate came over from
Oxfordshire in his trusty bug. Adrian has
started to work on his daily driver to get rid of
the bad bits.

Slightly fuzzy picture of Adrian's Bug.

Stuart was there as usual, he plans to take
the engine out to fix an oil leak, and make a
home grown turbo system for his '71 bay at
the same time. Can't wait to see his results,
should be worth a write up by it's self.

Jame's and Helen, also from Oxfordshire came
over in Helen's Yellow and white beetle. Nice to
see you both.

Helen's beetle parked up against the moody
night sky.

Nice looking car from every angle.

My bay, looking cold and damp.

My rear bumper is mellowing nicely...

So the March club meet wasn't as big as maybe it could have been, but the quality and variety of vehicles was still quite impressive. The clocks go forward an hour at the end of the month so hopefully with the lighter evenings it'll encourage more members to join us for next months meet. Claude had designed the logo for the club stickers, which hopefully will be ready for club members to purchase next month, nice work mate... hope you and Andy, and all the others I know have a great weekend in Ninove, and I hope to join you all next year!

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