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Volksworld show 2013 (part 1)

This year's Volksworld show was held on the weekend of 23rd - 24th March, at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher in Surrey and having read my post from last year the weather could not have been much different. Last year we basked in temperatures of 70 degrees with glorious sunshine, yet this year the temperature was 0 degrees, and with the chill factor it was nearer -5. The days running up to the show we also had a constant snow fall. What a difference a year makes..!
My friends Claude and Jean left for the show
on Saturday morning, and as Claude's photo
shows his view of the road on the journey
down was what can only be described as,
a whiteout!
You can follow Claude's VW blog at:

I decided to go down on the Sunday morning,
but having opened my front door and looked at
my early bay still covered in snow, I decided
to take my 4x4 daily driver

08.30am on the Sunday morning, making my
way to Volksworld show... now I'm glad I
decided to take the 4x4 with heating.. much
more comfortable than a cold, draughty bay
for the 100 mile round trip.

Having got to the show, the snow was had
stopped but the wind was bitter.. I had 30
minutes before the doors opened so I decided
to have a walk about and take some photos.

Very clean and straight spilt window, finished
in silver, not your run of the mill colour, but
it did look good.

Outside the main entrance to the show, in the
'un-usual VW display' was this.. not sure what
it's called, but I liked it.!

Yes, very nice from every angle.

Another 2 vehicles in the un-usual display were
the formula racing car and what looks like
something based on a Ford model T.

Now this VW powered snow track vehicle was
quite apt, considering the weather we have had
recently. These were commonly used years
ago for work in the artic, because it had an
air-cooled engine, therefore there were no
dangers of any freezing. The only down side
this only had a top speed of about 7mph.

Opposite the main entrance I spotted Claude
and Jean's Kombi. They did sleep over on the
Saturday night, having attended the Volksworld
party. I caught up with them in the show and
they said they were not cold at all on Saturday

Nice variety of vehicles, again these guy's have
been here all weekend.

This was parked up outside the main entrance,
now I'll be honest, I have no idea what it is, I
think it an NSU but I'm not sure so if you
know, please tell me.!!

This is great, I love it. So un-usual..

Yes, it's work in progress, but it has got so
much potential.

The interior, like the bodywork has still to be
addressed, but the more I look at it, the more
I love it.

Lovely early lowered split screen that still
looks good.

Another lowered, narrowed split screen in a
un-usual colour, but it suited the look

High top split looked lovely, as did the green
split screen next to it.

Nice photo of a trio of split screen's.

Parked up right outside the main entrance
was this lovely early bay with patina paint.

Patina paint over red bodywork, lowered and
with yellow headlights.. just about right.

Friends of mine from my hometown, David and
Angela had their usual parking place for their
'Red nose day' beetle.

Walking around the car park I spotted this
immaculate split screen.

Very nice very early splitty, love the colour

Bright orange square back was really clean.

Totally immaculate, loved the blinds in the
rear windows.

Nice oval beetle, again un-usual colour choice,
not sure if this is a stock colour, but doesn't
it look good.

It looked original to me, just the way it should

Simply stunning from every angle.

This drove past me, looks like it's based on a
Model A pick up, but it definitely had a flat
four pushing it along.

Once inside the show, the first thing I saw was
this tribute to 'Herbie'. This is an original
Herbie as used in the film, not a look-a-like.

The show cars were as you would expect,
simply stunning. This early beetle with the
air conditioning unit, and narrowed front beam
was gorgeous.

The engine bay was just as immaculate as the

Karmann Ghia convertible in sage green with
red interior, finished with whitewall tyres.

Again the engine bay on the Karmann was
finished to the same high standard.

Just as Volkswagen made it, a split screen
panel van, totally unmolested.

This panel van actually looked brand new, there
must have been a lot of work to achieve this.

This lovely red beetle had a race pedigree,
extra scoops on the rear quarters to keep the
engine cool, and a full roll cage.

Not sure of the capacity of this motor, but if it
goes as well as it looks, it's going to be fast!

Race theme carries on inside with bucket
seats, and alloy door panels.

Another race orientated beetle was this blue
bug, called 'the Lightning Bug'.

I couldn't find out much about this, but I do
know it won a 'Top 20' place at the show.

It's all about the detail if you have your vehicle
on display at Volksworld show, as this photo
clearly shows.

Attention to detail doesn't stop under the hood,
every little part has been polished or painted.

Very low, very straight split screen.

This brown oval beetle was awesome, so clean
and so much detail really made this stand out.

Hoosier slicks on a bug... it must be packing a
large motor.

I couldn't see just how big this motor was, but
I'm guessing.. BIG.

A lovely green and off white split screen with
a full length Paris roof, very nice.

Silver blue Karmann Ghia convertible, one
of my favourites.

In a perfect world, we'd all have one of these
and spend days at the beach.

It just needed safari screens at the front to
make it perfect.

Lovely oval beetle, again the standard of the
show vehicles was immense.

Narrowed front beam, and lowered just
compliment the look.

Lovely straight square back, apart from the
wheels, it looked all original.

Immaculate, inside and out.

Brown must be the 'in' colour this year, and this
early convertible, with fender skirts certainly
looked good for it.

How deep is that paint, under the hood was
just as clean.

Also under the hood, how about this for some
neat and tidy wiring. (wish mine looked half
as good as this!)

Lovely looking front end, the chrome work
really compliments the chocolate brown
paint work.

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