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Beachbuggin 2013 (part 1 of 2)

The Beachbuggin show started way back in 1999 as a university project by two students Jim and Rich. It proved to be so successful that they continued the show for the next couple of years whilst they completed their university course. In 2002 the show was moved to it's current location in Southsea, Hampshire because it had outgrown it's previous venue in Bournemouth. The Beachbuggin show continued until 2008 when Jim and Rich decided to embark on a round-the-world trip, so the local VW club PKW, took over in 2009 and it was an instant success and the show has been growing every year since. Over the past 12 years the show has raised over £58,000 for charity and in 2012 the show attracted well over 1200 vehicles. This is one show that I always like to attend not just because of the popularity of the show, or helping to raise money for charity, but also because of it's location on the sunny south coast of England overlooking the English Channel and situated a stones throw from the beach! The Beachbuggin show was held on Sunday 11th August.

Travelling South on the A3 towards Southsea
you enter the Hindhead tunnel.. it's a bit like
going into the unknown.!

Although I knew I would know several people
down at the show, I travelled down on my own
as none of my normal VW mates seemed
interested in going, a bit boring if truth be told,
but it was a pleasure to give Fiona a good drive
on the 200 mile round trip, and she performed
impeccably and never missed a beat.

The journey down to Southsea took just over
2 hours and once parked up I made breakfast
consisting of 2 fried egg rolls and a cup of tea.

Lovely barn door split screen, with a very nice
looking westy interior.

Very low '72 Karamann Ghia, with a very
narrow front beam. I love the ratty paint.

From the back this late Ghia looks even better,
the front beam is so narrow you can't even
see the wheels.

Always plenty of variety at the Beachbuggin
show, here a lovely clean white 1970 fastback
parked alongside a white over blue early bay
with a pop top riding at about stock height.

A pair of bug's enjoying the sun.

This pastel blue 1970 type 147 Fridolin looked
stunning. This is a regular at this show and
always looks immaculate.

Very unusual shape, but these are so rare I
think you could probably count the amount of
roadworthy Fridolin's in the UK on one hand.

A really nice looking '71 pop top early bay, in
cream over deep red. I did like the chrome
front bumper, it just adds a bit of bling.

Anyone call a cab? Looks like this '75 beetle
is ready for a fare. I did like the tinted sun visor
which suited the car perfectly.

The New Forest Dub Club attended the show
and displayed a good variety of vehicles.

This RAT looking '67 split screen belonged
to one of the many traders at the show, and
caught my eye instantly.

This early Karmann was immaculate, and the
baby blue paint complimented the super
straight body.

The owner of this Golf had a very unique paint
scheme and a good array of accessories.

Variety at Beachbuggin, an early bay, a T4
and a Caddy, there really is something for
everyone here.

Nice variety of Beetles including a 'Herbie'
themed '67.

Lovely straight '67 split screen panel van.
I did like the colour choice on the two paint

Stunning gloss black on this early beetle was
immaculate. I did notice at the show today
that many VW's had removed the bumpers
and replaced them with these nerf style bars.

Look at the reflection on the rear quarter / door
panels, is that straight or what? The old saying
says 'if your going to paint a car black, it has
to be straight' and this early bug is certainly that.

More bug's lined up and more nerf bars.

Now this '63 split screen single cab pick up
is nice, and also quite rare.

Sitting very low, and painted in a single colour
this looks just about right.

This type 34 razor edge looked awesome with
it's rusted look paint scheme... although I think
some of the rust may have been for real.!

Such a good looking classic shape on this '69 
Razor edge, whatever the paint scheme.

The colour of this bug caught my eye, it is
an original VW colour, Oceanic blue which I
believe was only available for a couple of
years and quite rare to see a car painted
in this shade.

The owner of this late bug and I exchanged
waves as he came flying past me on the A3
southbound heading towards the show, maybe
he had a fare on board..!

Cool 'Tiki Taxi' decal on the fuel filler cap.

This Golf was riding on hydraulic suspension
and the owner would set the car in motion
every so often, much to the amazement and
amusement of the public.

A single colour paint scheme on this late bay,
with a narrowed front beam makes this bus
really stand out. 

A RAT looking early bay panel van with full
length roof rack, very nice.

A pastel blue and white '67 split complete with
deluxe trim and US style bumpers.

Another split screen, circa late '60's also with
deluxe trim, and US style bumpers but this also
has safari front screens and twin roof racks
and lovely deep gloss black paint.

Another split screen and a very similar spec
to the previous two, except this has the RAT
look but equally as nice in it's own right.

Just one of the many lines of vehicles, this 
one was for the split screens.

This absolutely stunning Porsche 356 replica
was immaculate and had many original parts.

The attention to detail was incredible, and
it certainly looked like an original. I do like
those 356 wheels, maybe that's why I also
have them on my bay!

Interior was amazing, the only hint I could find
that it wasn't original was the rounded
transmission tunnel, everything else looked
original. This was for sale, the owner wanted

This stunning gloss black 181 Trekker looked
fantastic, with matching black hood and wheels
which complimented the splashes of chrome.

Part 2 of the Beachbuggin review in approx
1 week.

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