Friday, 2 August 2013

House of Dub VW Club monthly meet.

Being the last Wednesday of the month meant that The House of Dub VW Club would be holding their monthly club meet at The Globe Public House in Linslade, Bedfordshire, LU7 2TA from 7pm onwards. My good mate Stuart and I (both founder members of the Outcast VW Club, along with Claude Buisan) decided to go over to meet the guys and girls form the House of Dub. I always think it's good for local VW clubs to visit each others club meets to show their support and make new friends.

Neil came to the club meet in his freshly
painted '97 Golf. Last time I saw this vehicle
it was all black, since then Neil has created
a bright orange fleck design paint scheme,
 which I have to say looks awesome.

The new paint design really looks good with
the matching bright orange wheels.

Phil and his son Nathan came along as usual
in 'Buzz Box' their sweet looking red and white

Karl came along in his gorgeous green '63
beetle. This really is a very pretty bug, and the
contrast of the yellow spot light works so well.

Those all red US spec tail light lenses set the
rear end off a treat. This beetle has a lovely
stance on the Empi 5 spoke wheels.

Looking across Karl's bonnet at some of the
bugs that attended the HOD club meet.
 I think this baby blue '69 bug belonged to a
member of the MK Dubbers VW Club.
The roof rack, whitewall tyres and nerf bars
make this bug really stand out.
Another vehicle that I think was from the MK
Dubbers was this lovely looking rag top bug.
With the recent hot spell we have recently I
bet the owner was pleased to have a
convertible beetle.
Zoe, the 'boss' of The House of Dub came in
'Donkey' her '67 beetle.

Such a nice looking beetle that gets better
with age.

Tony was there in what must be one of the
cleanest T25's around. This vehicle is
always immaculate and the yellow twin
headlights really make Tony's ride stand
out in the crowd.

Rear end of Tony's T25, look how clean those
spoked wheels are...

Darren and Leonie arrived in their lovely silver
T5. I peeked a look inside and was instantly
jealous. I didn't get a photo but trust me it
was finished better than most of the hotel
 rooms I have stayed in.

Such a nice looking bus. I could really have
a T5, but I couldn't bring myself to sell my bay
so unless I win the lottery I'll just have to

Stuart followed me over for the 20 mile round
trip, and was giving his turbo a small blast
every so often.

Easily recognisable by the red oxide paint
and the almost infamous painted chequered
front on Stuarts '71 bay.

Amanda and Simon arrived in Amanda's silver
Golf, sorry guy's I didn't get a photo of the car!

I don't know who this MK1 Golf belonged to,
but it was very low with a nice set of wheels.

Lowered to the max, and a nice set of wheels
just how a MK1 should look.

Mark turned up in 'Maple' his '72 crossover
bay. I could spend hours (and often have)
looking at all the stickers and accessories
Mark has on his bay.

Even more accessories inside, with not one
but 2 roof racks with yet more period

Simone came along in 'Bea' her very clean
and solid looking '72 beetle.

It's official, 'Bea' is now a fully fledged member
of The House of Dub with her new sticker.

Zoe searching through the masses of HOD
stickers that she brought along to promote the
club while Simone looks on.

Simon came along in his lovely green '97 Golf.

Not sure who owned this T4, but it was good
to see it at the club meet.

Alden popped over in his bright red '70 bay

Another cool looking bay with pop top, side
step and lovely sun visor.. I so want one of

I think this very low Golf belongs to a guy
called Dan.

Really nice looking car that sits just right.

Michelle from The Dunstable Dubbers VW
Club came over in her very distinctive T4.

This is one of those vehicles you recognise

A random photo to show the diversity of
vehicles at the club meet.

Another random photo showing how busy the
car pack was.

Water-cooled and air-cooled VW's, Karl's
green bug alongside a clean MK1 Golf.

Steve arrived a bit later in the evening in his
'60 bug. Although it has the 'A' registration
plate, denoting a '63, it has the older style
fuel gauge and semaphore indicators,
apparently this was the oldest plate the
DVLA could issue him.

This really is one of my favourites. The colour,
the stance and the general RAT look all tick
my boxes.

Lovely looking rear end on Steve's bug.

This '72 late bay arrived, unfortunately I did
catch the owners name or much information
about this sweet looking bus.

This looked a very tidy bus, and another bay
with 2 roof racks... I do like to see a roof rack
or two on a bay window.

So that was the House of Dub VW Club's
monthly meet. It was a very impressive turn
out of vehicles, in terms of quantity and quality,
in fact the car park was almost full towards
the end of the night. It was a very enjoyable
evening with plenty of friendly people. I thought
it was a great gesture from MK Dubbers to visit
the HOD club meet, maybe one day the HOD
will take a drive over to the MK Dubbers club
meet and if they do, I'll certainly go with them.

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