Monday, 5 August 2013

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

This months Outcast VW Club monthly meeting was an unusually quiet affair mainly due I think to the recent very hot spell, as I guess most people were spending lazy summer evenings with their families and maybe a B.B.Q, and also the fact that The House of Dub club meet was the previous night to our meet. Never the less the variety of vehicles was, as always diverse and the company first class.
As I forgot to take any pictures of my bay at
the House of Dub club meet, and therefore
couldn't post any on my last blog entry, I
thought I'd start by posting some pictures of
my '69 bay.

I was first to arrive which gave me time to take
some photo's, my bay basking in the hot
summer sun.

Love the rear of my bus, the bumper is rusting
well and will soon be all the same colour, with
my newly acquired '' sticker in the
rear window.

James came down in his high top T25, which
he recently travelled to Scotland in. I think
James said it was something like a 6 or 7 hour
journey up and slightly longer due to traffic
coming back, not bad for around trip of
approximately 600 miles.

Apart from a puncture, which can happen to
any of us, the bus performed faultless.

Stuart raced his son Tim, to the club meet.
Tim was on his BMX against a 1671 turbo
charged bay. Even though Tim could use
shortcuts down alleyways and cut corners
I think you can work out who arrived at the
meet first.

Stuart only lives about a mile from the club
meet, but he still had to open his engine bay
to let the turbo cool down.

Looking into Stuarts engine bay. The turbo
system was designed and built by Stuart in
his workshop.

Claude popped down in his 1960 kombi split
screen bus with a 1671cc motor with a Scat
C35 cam.  

Claude does some serious mileage in his split
with several trips to Europe each year.

Adrian ventured into Buckinghamshire from
the neighbouring county of Oxfordshire. He
left his '78 bay window Fire Bus at home and
came down in his '69 bug.

I do like Adrian's beetle, OK it's not a show
winner, but neither is my bus and it always
seems to get him over to our club meets...
well almost always.!

Neat skull and cross bones decal on Adrian's
quarter light window.

Elliott owns this stunning 1970 beetle. Elliott
is a member of the House of Dub VW Club,
but often visits our club meets, and he's more
than welcome to do so.

The deep cherry red gloss paint is always so
clean and shiny it looks as though the paint is
still wet. This car is a credit to you mate. 

Dave and Angela came down in Dave's '67
split screen. This is such a nice looking split
in white over blue.

I'm not sure what make Dave's wheels are,
but I do know that I like them. Not the usual
choice of wheels for a split screen, but they
do make the bus stand out.

Matthew came along in his '69 bay window.
This bus, like mine is a Californian import and
they tend to be more solid than UK or European

Matthew does like his polishing rag and it
shows, all that hard work has certainly paid
off and his bay is looking great.

Random photo of the rear of the line up.

And from the front, (L to R) Matthews Bay,
Dave's split screen, Adrian's beetle, Stu's
bay, Claude's split (hiding) James T25,
my bay and Elliott's beetle.

OK, the turn out tonight was a bit poor, but it
doesn't really matter, even with so few vehicles
we all had a good evening amongst good
friends, and I'm sure next month will be better
in terms of club members attending.

The Outcast VW Club monthly meet is held on
the first Thursday of every month from 7pm at
The Charter public house, on the A41, Bicester
Road, in Aylesbury. HP19 8AW.
A warm welcome is ensured whether you are
an existing Outcast member or whether you just
want to come down for the first time and check
us out.

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