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Bug Jam 31 (part 1 of 3)

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting a blog review last Saturday, what with work commitments, family commitments and various other things I simply didn't have time to write the blog. This is the first time since 2011 that I haven't had the time to sit down at the PC to write a review and hopefully it will be the last !. I know that there are numerous people who like to ready my blog on a Saturday morning, so my apologies to you all. Anyway this weeks blog review is a three part review all about  the Bug Jam VW Festival. Bug Jam is now in it's 31st year, and has as far as I know has always been held at the world famous Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire. Bug Jam is a weekend festival for all makes of Volkswagen's and this year was held over the weekend of 21st - 23rd July. There is always plenty to do and see at Bug Jam including: 5 music arenas, drag racing, run what you brung (public track time), show and shine, comedy artists, traders, stunt displays, jet car, auto jumble, fun fair and much more. Bug Jam is billed as 'Europe's biggest and best VW festival' I haven't been to that many European VW festivals so I can't comment if it's the best show or not, but it certainly is big. There must have been tens of thousands of visitors over the weekend, many of who stayed for the whole weekend. Due to family commitments I could only go for the day on the Saturday, but there were literally thousands of Volkswagen's of all descriptions there parked up with their the camps set up for the weekends festivities, and hundreds more vehicles who like myself went for one day only. Whatever type of Volkswagen rocks you boat, I guarantee you'll find it at Bug Jam. As you enter Santa Pod Raceway the service road takes you through the camping area towards the 1/4 mile strip, fun fair, catering vendors and different display arenas. I always wander off the road and wander through the camping area as this is where you get to see plenty of quality Volkswagen's parked up.
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The first vehicle I spotted was this gorgeous 1976
bay window bus. This really was a clean and
straight looking bus. I did like the mesh sun visor
and the 'truck' style mirrors.The lack of the indicators
in the normal place give the front end a clean
smooth look.

Another gorgeous vehicle I spotted in the camping
area was this light gold coloured 1969 Karmann
Ghia. This old KG has been seriously hit with the
lowering stick.

You can see just how low this KG really was from
this side profile photo.

Not a very good photo due to the reflection, but
you can just make out how clean and original
looking the interior was.

The Karmann Ghia is such a beautiful shaped
car, it has a timeless beauty about it.

This T3 Variant (squareback) was also of 1969
vintage and equally as clean as the KG (above).
I do like these Variants, as there aren't
 that many
around, compared to buses and bugs.

This really was a lovely example of the type 3.
These variants, along with the notch and fastback
models were produced from 1961 - 1973.

The campsite was full of camper vans of all
descriptions, and even had this camper van
shaped early bay tent.!

This super clean 1969 imported bay looked
gorgeous. I did like the colour which really stood
 out in the morning sunshine.

The side markers denote that it is a later bus,
but maybe the owner just prefers the marker lights
rather than the reflectors, it doesn't really matter
as it looked fantastic.

The stunning gold coloured oval window bug
looked amazing, it was so straight and clean..
oh, and so low!

You can see just how low this early oval really
is from this photo. The top of the wings are just
starting to show signs of patina

The oval window bugs are such lovely looking
cars, and when they sit this low and are running
on Porsche rims they just look so much better.

This lovely mid sixties split screen caught my
eye, maybe it was the two tone colour, maybe
it was those lovely Fuchs style wheels or maybe
because it was just because it looked so clean.

This stunning bright red 1970 bay looked great
in the sunshine. This slammed bus was painted
in the single red colour, including the roof and it
looked great.

Talking of slammed vehicles, how about this
yellow 1970 bug. This bug has a slight RAT look

and the body was virtually sat on the grass.

Another slammed bug was this pure RAT look
1970 two tone bug. If you like the RAT look then
you'll love this patina'd bug. I did like the overall
look of this bug.

The roof rack and rear screen blind were neat
touches that suited the look. The camber of the
rear banded wheels show you how much this old
 bug has been lowered.

This lovely white 1971 bug has also been lowered
but not to the extent to the two above. The banded
black steel wheels with chrome caps and white wall
tyres looked the perfect choice to compliment the
overall look of this lovely bug.

This 1967 splitty caught my eye, as it gave off
a glow in the bright sunshine. The two tone lime
green and bright green paint is a very unusual
choice of colours, but they actually look good 

The bright lime green bumpers and the Fuchs
wheels add to this buses cool appearance.

This 1969 beige bay also caught my eye as it
just looked so clean and tidy. This deluxe bus
looks like an import which means it should also
be solid.

The old '69 deluxe had some lovely retro curtains
that suited the buses overall look.

A pair of blue bays parked up nose to nose at
Bug Jam. A clean 1977 late bay and an early
bay with a slammed, nose in the weeds stance.

This cool graffiti painted 1965 split screen stood
out parked up in the camping area. The name of
the game is be different and this colourful bus
was certainly that.

Wandering around the campsite, the place was
full of Volkswagen's of all descriptions.

If you like the rust / patina look then you'll love
the look of this 1973 late bay.

The T25's were very well represented at the Bug
Jam festival. These 2 caught my eye as although
they are both T25's, they look so different.

This 1970 Dormobile looked like a good honest
bus, what you see is what you get. Yes it had
signs of a hard life but it was on the road and at
Bug Jam, and that's all that matters.

This 1971 beetle is 'Miss White' a road / strip
beetle belonging to a mate of mine, Jonny.

Unfortunately Jonny only managed one run down
the 1/4 mile as he destroyed the diff whist doing
a burnout at the start. Jonny, being Jonny still ran
the bug down the strip though even with a broken
diff. As Jonny said, you can't un-break it!

Miss White has a 1641cc engine and the car
has been built mostly by Jonny. It's a shame the

diff broke as it would have been good to see how
fast all Jonny's hard work would have been.

This silver 1970 bay stood out from the others
as it was just so different. This bus had numerous
body modifications including the indicators up
where the fresh air vent is, the home made bull
bar and the steel mesh visor, and the single
wiper mounted in the middle of the screen. I did
like those big chunky tyres

On the front bumper this old bus had stickers
from various European countries that I assume
this bus has visited. If I'm right then this is one
well travelled bus. !

A lowered split screen panel van and a stock
height early bay parked up end to end at Bug
Jam. It doesn't matter what type of VW you have,
it's about coming together for a fantastic weekend.

Just trying to be artistic with this shot.. The variety
of vehicles at the show was amazing.

The blue early panel van looked to have some
fire damage on the rear quarter and engine lid,
and rather than repair and paint the effected
areas it looks as though the owner has just left
it, which does look cool.

Another attempt at being artistic...  a '71 tin top
and a '73 pop top.

I've seen this very cool looking surf themed split
screen on several occasions and every time I see
it I think, oh yeah, I like that! 

I have a 'thing' for sign written buses and this
bus has plenty of hand painted signage to grab
my attention, it also just happens to be painted in
my favourite colour.

I think this gorgeous dark blue and white split
screen belongs to a guy called Stuart, who I did
the 'Run the Ring' with last year. It certainly looks
like his bus (although I could be wrong!)

That was part one of three all about Bug Jam
2017. Next week will be part 2, where you can 
see plenty more quality vehicles including a 
lovely '67 single cab split screen and a very
unique (I've not seen this before) Karmann Ghia.

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