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Stonor Park 2017 (part 3 of 3)

This week's (shorter than normal) blog review is the final review all about the VW Expo show at Stonor Park, (or the Wolfsburg Bus Crew club meet as I think it should now be called!) which is now in it's 33rd year.  Each year The Association of British VW Clubs organise the Stonor Park VW Expo Show. It is held in the grounds of one of England’s oldest manor houses, being built around 1190 and it has been owned by the same family of the same faith for 850 years. The house and grounds are situated in a beautiful setting in rural Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire. The house contains a remarkable collection of Old Master Paintings, European sculptures, stained glass and contemporary ceramics, and for one day a year the grounds contain a remarkable collection of Volkswagen's, both air cooled and water cooled. The show has something for everyone including: Trade Stands & Auto jumble / Concours d’Elegance / Club Displays / Miss VW contest and a Children’s Fancy Dress (for the under 12’s). This year I had arranged to meet up with good friends of mine Matthew and Caroline in their '69 Westy to drive the 25 miles or so to the show. We had also arranged to park up inside the show with the Wolfsburg Bus Crew, who must be one of the biggest VW clubs around, with members from all over the world. Rich Coxhill who runs the club had posted on Face Book about this show and the interest shown by members in going was encouraging. You can find the Wolfsburg Bus Crew on Facebook or at: 
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This lovely crew cab pick up looked to be a very
similar colour to my early bay, velvet green. This
pick up is deceiving as although it has an early
front clip it is actually a 1975 late bay. It has a
new 1641cc engine that has done less than 2000
miles. It has been restored to this immaculate
condition using 90% new parts. 

Another immaculate vehicle at Stonor Park was
this stunning 1950's (?) silver / grey oval window
beetle. This car really was like new, the attention
to detail was amazing.

You can see just how clean and straight this old
oval really was in this photo. The rear wheels look
as though they have been banded and suited the
overall look of this car perfectly.

Another early bug, but this time a split oval from 
1949. I just loved the colour of this bug, and those
chunky tyres that filled the arches. This really was
a lovely car.

Again it's a very solid and straight looking car and
that retro roof rack suited this old '49. That could
well be the original paint judging by the look of it,
I'd like to think so anyway.

Looking along just one of the rows of Volkswagens
on show at Stonor Park. The diversity was immense
and there was something for everyone.

This stunning silver blue Porsche 356 (model 52)
has to be one of the cleanest vehicles at the show.
It was purchased from Oregon, U.S.A. and shipped
to the U.K. in 2011 where it underwent a restoration
using the original floor, doors, bonnet and boot etc. 

I doubt this 356 looked this clean when it left the
production line back in 1952. The attention to
detail was amazing and during the restoration
research was carried out on every task to ensure
the car was as close to original as possible.

The immaculate interior of the gorgeous 356. The
attention to detail inside the car was just as high
as the attention to detail on the outside.

Just one of the many split screen campers on
display at the VW Expo show at Stonor Park.

Looking along another of the rows of quality VW's
on display. The standard,and sheer quantity of
vehicles was amazing. This show really does have
something for everyone, whatever your in to.

Maybe you like the early oval window bugs, well
this show had plenty of them including this lovely
sky blue oval. This stock looking bug really did
look nice.

This 23 window samba was another immaculate
vehicle on display. The sealing was red ( I think)
and white paint scheme looked great as did
the original painted wheels. This bus looked to
be riding at virtually stock height which suited it.

This bus was so straight, as you can see from
the reflections down the side. This really was a
lovely bus.

This stunning 1955 oval window beetle painted 
in what looks like glacier blue (although I could 
be wrong!) really was a lovely looking car. I like
the way the paint continues to inside the arches
and onto the wheels.

Just look at that reflection in the door (if you click
on the photo it will enlarge it). The period deck
lid rack was a nice accessory that suited the bug.

Not all the vehicles on display were immaculate
of show winning standard, as this very low, RAT
looking Karmann Ghia proves. Although it had
the RAT look it was just as desirable as any of
the painted shiny vehicles. 

You can see just how low this old KG really was
from this photo. The Karmann Ghia was produced
from 1955 to 1974 and this 1960's model looked
great. The BRM (I think) wheels looked good and
suited the car.

This car attracted plenty of attention and its easy
to see why. The Karmann Ghia has such a beautiful
body shape, even if it does have the RAT look.

This lovely looking 1967/68 orange and cream
bug looked great.The slammed stance suited
this bug, and those black painted steel wheels
tucked up under the arches looked fantastic.

You can see just how low the bug sits from this
photo. It looks as though this bug may have a
narrowed front beam as those front wheels are
really tucked under the front wings. This really was
a lovely clean car...

... well apart from the deck lid which looks to have
suffered some recent fire damage, check your
fuel lines today to prevent this type of damage,

or worse!

The rows of vehicles on display just went on and
on and have every conceivable type of Volkswagen
you can think of.

This slightly lowered 1975 sand coloured 181
Trekker, or Kurierwagen as it should be called
looked fantastic. These cars were produced for
the West German army during WW2.

I saw this radical Volksrod back at the start of 
the show season at the Volksworld Show.. I liked
it then and I still like it now because although it's
a work in progress, it's just so different.

Like I said, it's a work in progress but it has all
the signs of great potential.

Whether you like or loath this very radical Volksrod
you have to admit that it's an amazing feat of

metal fabrication.

The variety of Volkswagens was diverse to say
the least. From tube railed beach buggies to
show winning restored Porsche's this show has

The quality of Volkswagens on display was just
amazing, and the quantity of show cars just went
on and on.

Just a small selection of the Beetles that were on
display at the Stonor Park show, a perfect setting
for a huge Volkswagen show.

Here is a couple of buses that I recognise, the
blue and white bay belongs to Rich who runs the
Wolfsburg Bus Crew club and the blue split screen
belongs to Phillip, also a member of the WBC.
 Both these buses feature in part one of the Stonor
Park review, which you can find at the top left of
this page in 'My blog archive' 

As the day grew to a close vehicles started to
leave the venue. I think the yellow Porsche 356
was taking a short cut across the grass.!

This lovely beige beetle also took the short route
over the grass. Still it gave me a photo opportunity
that I couldn't resist. I did like the banded steel
wheels on this old bug.

As the heat was getting too much, Matthew and
I headed for the shade of some trees. Looking
out towards the show vehicles in the bright sun-

A better photo looking into the show area from
the shade of the trees.

Turning 180 degrees and I was facing the trade
area, where sellers were selling everything VW
related you could think of. There was also a
autojumble where you could find those hard to
find OEM items. There were also plenty of food
and drink vendors.

So that was my 3 part review of the VW Expo at
Stonor Park 2017. I have been attending this show
for 5 or 6 years and this year was by far the most
enjoyable for me. Having my good friends Matthew
and Caroline there with me helped as did being
part of the Wolfsburg Bus Crews club line up. The
WBC is such a friendly club, with the most amazing
members who all have some gorgeous vehicles.

A big thanks to both Matthew and Caroline, and 
all of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew, especially Rich for
organising the line up for making Stonor Park
such a great day out. Next weeks blog will be all 
about 'Bug Jam' VW festival at the Santa Pod 
Raceway so be sure to come back next Saturday.

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