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Bug Jam 31 (part 2 of 3)

This weeks blog review is part 2 of 3 all about the Bug Jam VW Festival. Bug Jam which is now in it's 31st year, and has as far as I know has always been held at the world famous Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire. Bug Jam is a weekend festival for all makes of Volkswagen's and this year was held over the weekend of 21st - 23rd July. There is always plenty to do and see at Bug Jam including: 5 music arenas, drag racing, run what you brung (public track time), show and shine, comedy artists, traders, stunt displays, jet car, auto jumble, fun fair and much more. Bug Jam is billed as 'Europe's biggest and best VW festival, I haven't been to that many European VW festivals so I can't comment if it's the best show or not, but it certainly is big. There must have been tens of thousands of visitors over the weekend, many of who stayed for the whole weekend. Due to family commitments I could only go for the day on the Saturday, but there were literally thousands of Volkswagen's of all descriptions there parked up with their the camps set up for the weekends festivities, and hundreds more vehicles who like myself went for one day only. Whatever type of Volkswagen rocks you boat, I guarantee you'll find it at Bug Jam. As you enter Santa Pod Raceway the service road takes you through the camping area towards the 1/4 mile strip, fun fair, catering vendors and different display arenas. I always wander off the road and wander through the camping area as this is where you get to see plenty of quality Volkswagen's parked up. The review continues as I wander around the festival looking at all the amazing vehicles
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To kick start this weeks blog we have this really
awesome 1973 slammed panel van. This old
RAT look panel van sits lower than a rattle snakes
belly in a tyre track. I did like the overall look of
this van.

I'm not sure what size motor this van had, but I'm
guessing it wasn't the stock 1600cc motor.  I'm
also pretty sure the chassis and been notched, 
to sit that low, it may even have air ride as driving
this an at that height would be interesting! The 
super narrow front beam keeps the front wheels 
tucked well under the cab floor.

Looking at where the exhaust exits I'm guessing
that the engine and gearbox have also been
raised to allow the bus to sit even lower. This old
van may look scruffy and tatty but the amount of
work that has gone into this van must be vast.

Another green bay but this time a lovely 1972
bus. I did like the '7up' decal, that brought back
fond memories of this soft drink I used to drink
as a kid, I'm not sure if you can still buy it today?

This early RAT look split screen bus was starting
to show it's age, but it still looked great. I did like
the graphite Empi 5 spokes that matched the
body colour.

This 1967 split screen panel van caught my eye,
simply because it looked like a good honest panel
van, and I do like panel vans!.

This stunning 1969 chocolate brown beetle was
so straight and so clean. The perfectly applied
paint gave off a near perfect reflection.

This lovely bug has been lowered and the BRM
sprintstar wheels ( I think) suit the overall look of
this gorgeous bug perfectly.

You can see just how clean this old bug really is
from this photo. The reflections given off from
 that super smooth body are truly amazing.

Looking in between the hundreds and hundreds
of tents, I spotted this blue bay just poking out
from behind some tents. I did like the opening
rear screen on this imported bus.

This lovely black and red single cab pick up
looked great with it's two tone paint. This lowered
SC with it's colour coded bumpers and the Fuchs
style wheels both helped to make this SC stand out.

The body looks to be orange in this photo but it
was actually deep red. I did like the pick up bed
cover. I'm not sure if the owner used the pick up
bed to sleep in overnight or not, but I wouldn't
be surprised as it's be a cool place to camp out.

The 3rd green bay in this weeks review is this
lowered RAT look 1978 late bay. I did like the
headlight peaks and those gorgeous wheels,

and the overall look.

I do like sign written buses, and this old '78 had
the 'Heineken' logo on it... a good idea seeing as
bus was already painted in the Heineken green.

This lovely 1966 2 door notchback looked like a
good solid car. These type 3's are sought after
as there isn't that many around, compared to the
type 1's and 2's.

The black and ivory painted steel wheels looked
great against the body colour and suited the car

With the hundreds upon hundreds of campers
parked up in the camping area, it can be hard
to find your bus when coming back from the beer
tent late at night, but I bet the owner of this mauve
and orange 1969 bus doesn't have any trouble
finding his bus! These colours shouldn't work on
such a big area, but actually they do.

This lovely old oval window lowered bug looked
cool. The black paint could well be the original
 paint as it just had that old look you get with
original paint. The BRM wheels with the black
inserts suited the body perfectly.

This really was a straight old bug, as the deep
reflections in the paint show. I did like the rear
window blind and the small tail light mounted onto
the rear bumper.

This white over baby blue 1969 early bay looked
super clean. The painted white fresh air grille,
the chrome headlight peaks and the clear indicator
lenses all help to give the bus a clean fresh look.

The 3/4 length roof rack with access ladder was
a nice accessory and were the chrome bumpers.
This really was a nice looking bus.

This stunning 1967 red and white Karmann Ghia
really was immaculate. I got chatting to the owner
who told me something very interesting about this
old KG. He was saying it has a feature that he
(and I,) haven't seen before... can you spot it?

It was this very unusual centre grille. When the
owner purchased the car he was told that the
centre grille was, if I remember correctly, was
either a California spec built car, or maybe a
Californian dealer addition? My blog has many
readers in California so if anyone over there
knows anything about this centre grille, please
post a comment to let the owner (and me) know
 a bit about how and why the grille got onto not
only this Karmann, but other Karmann Ghia's
as well. Thanks.

This old KG really was immaculate. It has been
lowered slightly just to give it the 'right' look. I did
like the all red U.S tail light lenses, and the chrome
tail towel bumper and luggage rack provide plenty
of sparkle. 

Bug Jam is open to all VW's both air and water
cooled. The RAT look is very big over here in the
U.K at the moment as this 1990 Scirocco proves.
This cool car looks like something from 'Back to
the Future'

On the other end of the scale was this Scirocco
which was like new, and fresh from the factory.
There is something strange going on here, as...

.. they are both the same vehicle! One half looked
to be fully restored to like new, and the other half
had been given the RAT look with attitude.

The half and half scheme covered the entire car
and whether you like it or not, you have to admit
it had been well done.

And don't think the interior had been left out, it
was also divided into 'as new' and 'RAT look'.

This RAT looking 1950's Karmann Ghia caught
my eye as it was so low. The super narrowed front
beam added to the low look. I did like the yellow
head light lenses and the overall look of the patina
paint work.

You can see just how low this old KG really was
from this photo, and how narrow that front beam
was. you can't even see the front wheels! This
lovely old Karmann was for sale for £15,000
($20,300 approx)

Just a pair of cool looking blue buses parked up
 at Bug Jam.

This T25 Karmann Gipsy was gorgeous, I would
love one of these as I think they are just so cool.
I thought I took more photos of this beauty but I
cannot find them so maybe I didn't.. that's a pity
as these really are nice campers.

I spotted this mad creation in the pits area, I didn't
see anyone riding it but just the look of it was good
enough for me to take a photo.

Such a fantastic selection of vintage Volkswagens
at Bug Jam. Everywhere you looked and every
corner you went round there was just more and
more quality Volkswagen's to admire.

The 'Cool Flo' gang were at the show with their
BMX display team, who are basically a bunch
of very talented teenagers who delight the
crowds with their BMX and skateboard skills.

July in the U.K. means only one thing, plenty of
rain! There had been so much rain in the weeks
before Bug Jam that the huge puddles close to
the pit area provided a safe shallow 'lake' area

 for the young children to play, complete with
their giant pink inflatable flamingo!

This stunning 1967 (I think) Chrysler Town and
Country Station Wagon was immaculate and so
gorgeous. This gorgeous U.S. sixties classic was
in the pit area. Those lovely 5 spoked chrome
wheels finished off the overall lock of this station

You can see just how clean and straight this old
Chrysler really is from this photo. I just love the
design of fifties and sixties U.S automobiles.

The weekend saw plenty of drag racing, as you
would expect from the event being held at the
home of European drag racing. The 'Outlaw
Anglia's' were present all weekend racing in
round 5 of the championship. Colin Miller currently
leads the championship in this, his Anglia named

 'The Flyin' Fyfer'

A better look at the awesome paint scheme on
Colin's race car. This Anglia has a 1200BHP
Chevy 540 cubic inch motor with nitrous oxide.
The best time Colin has done down the 1/4 mile
is 7.588 seconds @ 178.54 MPH.

This lovey Fordson van was another drag car
that I spotted. I didn't find out much about this
stunning van. It's nice to see that the traditional
black and flames paint scheme is still alive and
surviving on the drag racing scene.

Inside the Fordson it's bare essentials only.
Alloy panelling, roll cage and seat is about all
there is inside the cab. 

Wheelie bars and a parachute tell you all you
need to know about how powerful this car is. The
stunning black paint gives off a near perfect
reflection in the super straight body panels.

So that was part 2 of the Bug Jam review. Next
week will be part 3 where you can see plenty more
vehicles including bugs, buses a Chevy stepside
pick up, Karmann Ghia's and action photos from
the drag racing including 'Split Second' the 8000
BHP jet dragster. So be sure to come back next

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