Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ace Cafe VW Meet.

For anyone who is new to my blog and doesn't know, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month the famous Ace Cafe (London) holds an air-cooled VW night. As the Ace is only about 45 minutes from home, a few of us from the local VW clubs normally attend.
Lovely early beetle arrived early and got the
best parking spot, right by the entrance door.

This really is clean, and used to belong to
a friend of mine, Zoe from the House of Dub.

Those wide painted steel wheels really look
the part against the straight grey bodywork.

Beetle line up in front of the main windows at
the Ace Cafe.

A bit blurry, but this really was quite clean and

Tom Dunkley, a friend from another local VW
club was there in his orange bug.

Bus line up, a good turn out considering it was 
a cold October evening.

Lowered single cab split screen pick up, next
to a stock height bay window.

Most of you will have seen this many times
before on my blog, but it is that nice, I
can't resist taking photos of it.!

Pair of split screens. Nice to see the owners
dedicated to carry on driving their vehicles on
a dark and cold night.

Lovely looking early bay in full U.S. spec.

Another mate, Darren from the WGC VW Club
was also there is his bay window.

An late bay, and a late split screen.

My mate Stuart drove his bay up with me.
My bay and Stu's bay parked up under the

Our bay windows next to the Ace Corner.

Couldn't resist taking this photo of my bay.

Parked close to Stu and I was this lovely
green beetle.

Painted steel wheels must be the thing to
have this season... they do look good though.

Very nice from every angle.

Karmann Ghia was nice.

Looks close to original to me, it must be
nice driving along on a sunny day with the
top down.

U.S. spec bumpers on this Karmann, I didn't
notice if it was left hand drive or not.

Parked in the corner, looking a bit sorry for
it's self was this bug, maybe it was work in
progress?. My blog is not just about the
expensive and shiny VW's it's about all VW's
regardless of age or condition.

'Ed' from the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW
Club was at the Ace in his ratty fastback.

Ed's fast back parked next to my bay, and
another fastback.

View of the Ace Cafe car park, full of VW's.

Looking along the bus line up with splits and
bays side by side.

This cherry red and white split screen was
really clean. Nice colour choice.

The owner of the cherry red and white split
had a novel use for some used shotgun

This crewcabT25 is a regular at the Ace, It
rides on air suspension.

How low is this when it's parked?

With the rear end 'pumped up'

Inside the Ace, you can get a hot drink, food,
and alcohol. Makes for a good night!

Anything from a sausage sandwich to a
roast dinner, from a cup of coffee to a ice cold
beer, it's all available.

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