Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Brighton Breeze 2012 part 1

Probably the last VW show of the season for us in the south of the UK, is the Brighton Breeze. It is organised by the SSVC (Split Screen Van Club) and is normally held on the first weekend of October on Maderia Drive in the coastal town of Brighton, West Sussex. This one day show on the Saturday is a favourite with most of the local Vee dubbers, with some even going down on the Friday night and camping in their buses on the seafront. However Claude, Jean, Maria, Vince, Tim and myself decided to leave Aylesbury at 06.00am to drive down on the Saturday morning. The Breeze is such a good weekend that it always has visitors from Europe who have driven their VW's over to the UK.
About 3/4 way to Brighton we stopped at the
services for a comfort break. These services
are a favourite stopping off point for VW's
heading for Brighton. I spotted this pair of
split screens parked up.

The one on the right is only 1 year older than
the one on the left, but looks completely

Once we had parked up in the show and
shine, and having had some breakfast it was
time to look around, I found this immaculate
Karmann Ghia.

This really is immaculate... lovely narrowed
front beam too.

As you would expect the engine compartment
is as clean as the bodywork.

Being organised by the SSVC, it's no surprise
that there were many split screens, and this
single cab pick up was really clean and

A crew cab pick up complete with 'roo bars'
roof rack, and Cyclopes light.

A pair of early beetles. The black oval
was stunning, and the chrome work
complimented the gloss black paint perfectly.
Love those trick bumpers and the single

If you paint a car gloss black the body has to
be straight as an arrow, and as you can see,
this was.

A nice pastel blue split screen panel van
parked up. I do like the single yellow spot

The 'show and shine' line doesn't mean you
have to have an immaculate vehicle, worth
tens of thousands of pounds.

Early bays, late bays, split screens, panels..
whatever you prefer, it was at the Breeze.

Lovely looking early beetle.

Another stunning beetle. Headlight grille's
set off the front end.

There are 2 entrances to Maderia Drive, this
entry ramp was full of VW's for most of the
morning as vehicles arrived.

How nice is this single cab split screen? not
to mention the baby blue Karmann parked

As the morning went on the parking became
a bit cramped with the numerous VW's.

This single cab pick up in green and white
really caught my eye.

Crew cab early bay pick up, in satin green,
really nice.

3 split screens, and every one different.

Grey and white split parked next to
the beach.

This fenderless beetle was radical. Unusual
paint looked kind of cool.

Being different is the name of the game...
and this beetle was certainly that!.

Red and cream splitty driving along Maderia

Nice looking pair of split screens.

The first thing that caught my eye on this
spilt was.. how narrow is that front beam.!

A constant flow of VW's throughout the
morning drove along Maderia Drive.

A group of bay windows.. every one different
from the last.

This wickid looking sandrail looked great fun.

The variety of vehicles was amazing.

A ratty looking single cab, with roofrack and
signwritten body panels.. does it get any

It looked just as good from behind.

Karki and white split with pop top. It has the
same wheels as my bay.

Although there were hundreds of split screens
everyone was different to the next.

This lovely pale blue square back was so
nice. The body was so straight, the brightwork
shone and the colour was just right.

Love those rear blinds.

Super bright Orange and black split screen
with safari screens, narrowed beam and paris
roof, I want it.!

Beetle and squareback, nothing trick just
good looking vehicles.

Two tone green split, That colour coded bumper
trim certainly sets off the bumpers.

The green metallic paint on this split really
looked good when the light caught it.

Chocolate brown splitty, nice and straight.

This late bay had some awesome retro stripes.
I believe this was a special edition, with
different trim and accessories etc.

Stock height or lowered..?

All types / years of buses were at the Breeze.

The line up of buses and bugs just went on
and on.

Yet more variety of the same vehicle.

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