Thursday, 11 October 2012

Brighton Breeze 2012 part 2

Part 2 of the Breeze write up starts with more
of the vehicles in the show and shine line up.
This early split screen looked great, the body
had been rubbed down, left to oxidise a little
then lacquered.

I think when the paint on my bay gets too bad,
I may do the same... I just love the look.

Lowered splitty, with narrowed beam...
just needs a safari screen!

Those of you that know me, know I'm partial
to a panel van and this early bay panel was

Nice colour combo on the early split.

As the sign says.. 'old school' A ratty split
just looks so good.

I like straight and shiny, but I love rough and

Nice two tone blue split screen.

Looks like German Fire Truck livery on this
stock height split screen. Love the single yellow
spot light.

Early bay line up... well some of them.

How cool is this? High top splitty, stock height,
white painted wheels.. doesn't get much better

The 'Cool Flo' guys had this up for sale...
restoration project anyone..!!

Your going to need a few new panels...

Oh and a floor pan.

This Porsche Spyder drove past me as I
walked down Maderia Drive. Not sure if it was
a 'real' one or not as I didn't get to have a
closer look, however it did look good.

Nice line up of Split screens.

Stock height late bay, lowered late splitty.

Nice to see the vehicles all parked up together
regardless of condition.

How straight are the panels, and how shiny is
the paint on this split? I waited for ages
waiting for someone to walk behind it so I could
get their reflection in the paint to show just how
good this bus was.

No reflections on this splitty..

It has European plates, so the owner is
probably from France or Belgium as there is
always a good turn out of vehicles from that
part of the world.
My bay on Maderia Drive.

This was the second year for me at the breeze
with my microbus. 

Lovely looking notchback parked up.

Vehicles kept entering the show and shine
for most of the day.

Looking down from the East Cliff path onto
Maderia Drive, Zoe and Spikes patina bay,
and Alden's red and black bay both friends of
mine from the Aylesbury area.

Claude and Jean, also from Aylesbury drove
down with me on the Saturday morning
and now it's time for a quick bite to eat.

A rare shot of my bay from above.

Bugs, buses and bays.

Nice shot of the show and shine in the afternoon

Early oval beetle in gloss black.

Those yellow lights against the super straight
body and gloss black paint just look awesome.

Pastel blue split screen with safari screens,
and lowered just enough.. nice.

This split in army colours with period
accessories was interesting.

The blue on this late bay was highlighted by
the deluxe trim and tinted windows.

Lovely bright yellow paint on this early bay...
if you look closely, the black dots on the
roof are flies that were attracted by the colour!

Gorgeous colour combination on this early
split screen.

This looks kind of retro ratty.. love it.

The rear end on this split was different. Not
only is the rear window filled in, the tailgate
hinges and handle were upside down. 

Looks like these guys have been here all

A wider view of the show. Under the arches
traders were selling everything from original
and patten parts to accessories and clothing.

Stock height late bay next to a lowered
split screen.

Here is one of the split screens we spotted
in the services on the way down to Brighton.

Very impressive line up.

Where did I put my sunglasses?.. this ultra
bright green paint made this spilt stand out.

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