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Ace Cafe, London monthly VW night.

For this weeks blog review I ventured into North West London to visit the world famous Ace Cafe, as on the 3rd Tuesday of each month they hold an air-cooled & T4/T5 night. The former transport cafe located in Stonebridge, in North West London used to be a bikers cafe back in the 1960's. Today the cafe "welcomes all who share our passion, based upon the traditions of motorcycles, cars and rock n' roll"  Virtually every night at the Ace there is something going on, whether it's bikes / hot rods & customs / Harley's / Volkswagen's or just one of the numerous cool rock and roll bands they have playing there's bound to be something for everyone. I haven't been to the Ace for the air cooled night for 4 months so I thought I'd drive the 40 miles into town to see what was new.
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Looking across the Ace Cafe car park from
the entrance door to the cafe. The quality
Volkswagen's are starting to arrive, but it's still
quite early in the evening.

This lovely looking 1969 pop top early bay
looked great parked up in the summer
evening sunshine.

Another pop top early bay but this time it's a
white over bright yellow 1971 bus. The yellow
really glowed in the evening sunshine.

Sarah and Gareth were at the Ace Cafe ( I
assume they were as I didn't actually see them)
in their gorgeous 1967 Ivory over Bahama 
Blue split screen. Sarah and Gareth are 
both members of the Herts VW Club. I have
just seen a facebook post from Sarah who
says that their bus 'Tigi' has just taken them
on a 1100 mile trip around France, and never
the bus missed a beat.

Looking at the photo's from the Ace Cafe air-
cooled meet I have noticed that all the bay
window buses were all pop top versions. That's
unusual as normally there are at least a couple 
of tin top bays there. Anyway this white over 
bright green 1972 late bay looked great parked
up. I do like the clear indicator lenses (as
opposed to the original amber ones), on both
late and early bays as I think it gives the
front end a cleaner fresher look.

This gorgeous silver over pastel yellow 1968
split screen looked awesome. It was flawless
in every detail and looked great parked up.

Another pop top bay, this time it's a white over
light blue 1977 late bay. Again it has the clear
front indicator lenses which helps make this
nice bus stand out. This cool bus belongs to
Mark, another member of The Wolfsburg Weed
Huugers VW Club, based in Penn St.

This T25 crew cab pick up is a regular at the
air-cooled night at the Ace, I have seen this
on many occasions and it still looks as good
now as it did the first time I saw it.

I haven't seen this LT35 at the Ace before, OK
it looked a bit RAT but did look like a nice solid
bus to cruise around in and something different

from the normal buses.

This gorgeous cream over peach 21 window
1968 split screen looked fantastic in the summer

This really was a nice looking bus. It was riding
at stock height which I think suits not only split
screens but also bay's.

A good variety of buses is always guaranteed
at the air-cooled T4 / T5 monthly meet on the
3rd Tuesday of each month at the Ace Cafe.

This 1987 beige T25 caught my eye as it looked
like a nice straight clean bus, I do like the T25
and could easily have one.

Moving onto the other side of the car park is 
where the Beetle's were lined up. This bright red 
1973 model looked great with it's chrome head-
light peaks. Apart from this addition this bug 
looked pretty much original.

Mark and Claire came along in their 1972
bright purple beetle. I think this was the first
run out for the bug after recently going some
minor repairs. It's always nice to catch up with
Mark and Claire who are both members of the
Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW Club.

This stunning Dove Blue (?) early beetle had
an almost perfect paint job over incredibly
straight body panels. It goes to show you don't
need to spend out on flashy wheels etc to have
a very desirable car or bus.

Another regular at the Ace is this Union Jack
painted beach buggy. This groovy buggy
reminds me of 'Austin Powers, International
man of mystery'. I bet this is such fun to drive
around in, but if you don't like your vehicle's
looking so bright and colourful then how about...

... this 1972 rust covered beetle? The red
painted wheels with the white wall tyres (along
with the rust covered body!) help to set this 
car apart from the other bug's. I did like the twin
 yellow spot lights mounted to the retro style 
roof rack.

 This red 1969 Beetle looked like a straight and
honest car. It didn't have a flashy paint job or
bright shiny chrome wheels but it still looked
great parked up outside the Ace.

This gorgeous Porsche 356 speedster was
parked up and looked awesome. I'm not sure
if this was an original 356 or not, but it didn't
really matter because it so nice.

The 356 has a gorgeous body shape whether
it is coupe or convertible and the light grey
colour choice on this one accentuates the
flowing body lines.

A perfect reflection in the 356's hubcap.

You can normally tell if a 356 is an original or
not by the shape of the transmission tunnel, it'll
be either squarish or rounded. I think (if my
memory serves me well) that if it's rounded it
may be a beetle chassis, and if it's more
squarish it's probably an original 356
floor pan. It's hard to see from this photo which
one this is.

This lovely 1970's white Beetle looked great
with it's bumpers removed and replaced with
the nerf bars. The aftermarket wheels suited
the look of this bug, as did the red vinyl

This lowered blue Beetle looked great with it's
white painted steel wheels. This stock looking
bug was a really nice looking Bug.

This race inspired Beetle belongs to a mate of
mine, Jonny who is a member of the Wolfsburg
Weed Huugers VW Club. I asked him for some
details of his car, and in his own words Jonny
told me "It's a 2165cc nitrous motor, with a roll
cage, it has carbon fibre 'Autometer' gauges
with a custom built bug tech race shifter and has
a fully custom hand built interior".
Jonny went on to say " It had an aluminium fuel
tank with custom mounts and of course it's my
daily driver!" I bet driving to work has never
been so enjoyable.
I'm sure I saw this cool looking 1970 Beetle
at the 'Just Kampers' open day back in June
this year. It has some neat touches such as the
Porsche 365 bonnet straps and the front side 

The deck lid looks seriously cool with the 356
air vent and leather straps. This really is one
cool cabriolet.

This stunning dark blue 1969 / 1970 Karmann
Ghia looked immaculate. The dark flawless 
paint looks striking against  the chrome trim
 and bumpers.

This 1970 light blue Beetle looked great with
the chrome head light peaks and the mesh 
windscreen visor. 

Another cabriolet Beetle, this time a stunning
gloss black 1972 model. This was another car
that looked totally original. Maybe going back
to stock is the way forward when owning a

Another regular at the Ace Cafe is this lovely
1964 mid grey beetle. This stock looking bug
(apart from the banded steel wheels) always 
looks immaculate.

This gorgeous olive green T3 fastback was
totally immaculate. The body was so straight
and covered in a flawless coat of paint.

The type 3 fastback's were produced from
1965 - 1973. The painted steel wheels look
like a perfect choice to compliment the car.

Another mate of mine Tom came along a bit
later in the evening in his early 1960's Beetle.
 This bug is a bit RAT look with the odd scuff
here and there, but it's still a lovely old bug.

Tom's Porsche 356 nipple style hub caps make
all the difference to the appearance of Tom's
daily driver.

This awesome looking 1967 beach buggy in
bright yellow looked great parked up. The colour
choice suits this car perfectly as do the wheels.

I did like the vertical exhausts and the clear
lenses on the tear drop tail lights.

The interior, for a beach buggy is surprisingly
very well equipped. This buggy had a dashboard
full of dials, lush looking yellow vinyl high back
seats and even carpet!

So that was a brief review of the monthly air-
cooled T4 / T5 night at the world famous Ace
Cafe, London. Overall a very enjoyable evening
with plenty of cool looking Volkswagen's both 
air-cooled and water cooled. The Ace Cafe
is a good venue with hot / cold refreshments
available within the 1950's rockers cafe.

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