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Bug Jam 29, VW Festival 2015. Part 1 of 2

Firstly apologies for not posting a blog review last Saturday but I was taking part in the 'Route67', the charity convoy from John O' Groats to Lands End to raise money for the homeless charity 'Crisis' and I didn't really find the time. I will post the review of the 'Route67' in a two weeks time, anyway for this weeks blog review I headed over to Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire which was the venue of the very first Bug Jam festival way back in 1987. The one day event 28 years ago was held on a Sunday and attracted some 3,500 visitors. Today the festival is not only still going strong at the original location but it gets bigger and better every year, and is now one of the U.K's biggest VW shows. The show is now a 3 day event that attracts tens of thousands of visitors not only from the U.K. but also from all across Europe. There is so much to do at Bug Jam, and too much to list here, but if you want to know more about this massive Volkswagen festival check out the official Bug Jam website here:  Holding the event at a drag racing venue means you can even run your beloved Volkswagen down the 1/4 mile strip. A few of my friends always attend this show for the whole weekend, and they always say to me what a great weekend they have had, but due to family commitments I could only attend the show for one day. 
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The entrance to Santa Pod Raceway, home
of Bug Jam has a steady flow of vehicles
entering the venue all day long. This event
attracts thousands of visitors each day.

Having paid my £25 (!) for a day visitor I saw
this pair of Beetles parked up, and I knew just
then that it was going to be a good day.

A lovely Karmann Mobil or Gipsy as it's more
commonly called. These are quite rare over 
here in the U.K. and very expensive, but they 
are just so nice looking.

These are the ultimate VW camper for a lot of
people and it's easy to see why. They provide
so much more room than a normal split or bay,
whilst still looking just as cool.

This gorgeous white over yellow 21 window
1965 split screen looked fantastic in the
summer sunshine. I did like the chrome 356
wheels (same as mine) and the standard ride
height of this lovely bus.

This lovely late bay looked good in it's green
paint with a white pop top. I think buses
that ride at stock height, whether split screens
or bay's look just a s good as lowered buses.

This pre 1963 Beetle looked great in it's mid
grey paint, I did like the chrome Empi 5 spoke 
wheels and chrome nerf bars.

This stunning 1965 split screen had a lovely
two tone turquoise paint scheme which made
this bus stand out in the camping area.

Turquoise would not have been my first choice
for a colour, but what an excellent choice it was.
This bus really does stand out in the crowd.

Another turquoise bus but this with a white
upper body. This 1966 split had a lovely turret
top pop top, which I think suits a split screen.

When you go to a VW show / event, there is
a good chance you'll see a 'Herbie' replica,
well this Herbie looked as though he'd been
down the gym, it looked all pumped up and

I don't know what motor this bug was running
but I'm guessing it was big. The rear spoiler
and over size wheels are a good indication.

This lovely 1967 split screen looked different,
but in a good way, in it's black over green paint
scheme. The matching black wheels were a
nice contrasting feature on this deluxe bus. 

One of my facebook friends, Natasha was at
Bug Jam with her partner in their gorgeous
1965 RAT looking split screen. This is one
of my favourite split screens in the country
at the moment.

Walking through the camping area (where a
lot of quality VW's are parked up all weekend)
I saw this lovely pair of split screens. I did like
the Radar wheels and the sun visor on the
white over red split.

Yellow is my favourite colour so of course I
was going to be drawn to this very RAT
looking split screen, with sign written panels.

I did like the old look of this paint and of course
the sign writing. This really was a nice looking
bus that I could look at for hours.

This stunning super low 1967 Karmann Ghia
looked fantastic with it's narrowed front end
and sitting so low. This really was a super
straight car.

Low is the way to go this season as this 1966
satin black beetle proves. Those custom
wheels finish off the cool look of this bug.

This really was a nice looking car, I did like
the luggage rack over the deck lid and the all 
red U.S. style rear light lenses.

This notch back was one of the race cars at
Santa Pod, I did like the play on words for
the cars name.

This lovely 1968 deluxe early bay looked so
clean and solid. I did like the opening rear
window which must provide some much needed
breeze on these humid nights spent in the bus.
I noticed the rear over riders and don't think
I've seen them this tall before..?

WOW, how low..? This 1958 bright red beetle
was virtually sat on the grass. It must have
been riding on air suspension...

The super low bug had two of my favourite
things, yellow head light lenses and some
neat old skool pinstriping.

I did say that Natasha's 1965 splitty was one
of my favourite's, so here it is again, parked
up at Santa Pod in the sunshine.

This super clean all white fastback cruised
past me so I just had to get a photo. This
really was a nice clean example of this car.

After walking around the camping area I found
myself in the 'For Sale' area and I saw this
1970 beach buggy for sale, it had a 1600cc
engine with twin carbs, the colour is a TVR
colour called Prism. The price of this cool
buggy was £4,750 ($7,500 approx)

This green 1965 single cab split screen pick
up, was imported from the U.S. A. in 2002, it
has a 1600cc with twin Dellorto 36's. The
body was super straight and clean and the
asking price was £15,000 ($23,500 approx) 

The body panels on the 50 year old pick up
immaculate and so straight. This really was a
lot of pick up for the money.

Another pick up for sale was this blue 1976
late bay pick up. Again another clean and
straight work horse, and the price for this one
was a mere £5,995 ($9,300 approx)

It does go to show that there are still bargains
to be had, you just have to look hard enough.

 This bright red 1966 beetle was parked up
and the gap between the running board and
the floor cannot have been more than 1 inch.
 Another vehicle on air ride suspension?

This gorgeous black oval beetle looked pretty
much original and belonged to one of the
many overseas visitors to the show.

This was one of the straightest vehicles I saw
at Bug Jam. Look at the reflection in the door
and side panel and on the roof corner, pretty
much perfection in my eyes.

This 1969 deluxe early bay was up for sale,
it has a super straight and solid body with a
1641cc engine with twin carbs, it also had a
full 12 months M.O.T. you can have all this
bus for a mere £12,500 ($19,500 approx)

I do like panel vans, and this white over bright 
yellow caught my eye. It's a 1966 split screen 
with super straight body panels and running 
on Empi 5 spoke wheels.

This 1970 early bay caught my eye, it didn't
have a flashy paint job, it wasn't running on
aftermarket chrome wheels and it wasn't so
low that it became impracticable but simply
because it was a lovely looking bus, just as
Volkswagen had designed it.

For a similar reason this bug caught my eye.
This 1971 was not scraping the ground as it
drove along, but was sitting high and proud.
I did like those wheels with the huge tyres
that fill the wheel arches perfectly.

This 1975 late bay looked seriously cool with
its retro chocolate brown decal over the
mustard colour body. A matching pop top
cover finished off the look on this cool bus.

This extremely clean early bay belonged to
one of the many German visitors that came
along to Bug Jam. This really was a lovely
looking bus.

This stunning 1963 split screen looked great
in it's white over teal colour paint. I did like
the colour matched wheels that suited the
overall look of this bus.

This really was a straight bus. I did like the 3 
bow roof rack and the white painted bumpers.

This 1950's black oval window looked fantastic
in it's near original condition. The black gloss
paint was so smooth and shiny it looked as
though it was still wet.!

Fantastically smooth body panels with a near
perfect coat of paint provide exceptional
reflections of the summer clouds in the paint.

 This pre 63 Ivory over brown split screen
looked great in the sunshine at Santa Pod.
This bus proves you don't have to have a 
radical paint scheme and flashy wheels to
have a very desirable bus.

This oval window beetle must be another VW
riding on air suspension as it sat on the grass
whilst parked up.

This stunning pre 63 grey over beige split
screen looked so nice, the super shiny Radar
wheels were a nice addition that suited the
bus perfectly.

I spotted this 1967 beetle parked up in the 
camping area, I don't know what motor this
bug was running but judging by those trick
exhausts coming out of the rear wings could
suggest it's bigger than the standard  50hp.

It doesn't matter what condition your trusty
VW is in just  as long as you get to Bug Jam. 
This 1972 type 3 Variant or square back as 
it's more commonly known looked great in 
it's RAT condition.

So that was part one of the 'Bug Jam 29' review,
this show really is massive and there is so much
to do I doubt you could do everything in a week-
end. Part two of Bug Jam 29 will be posted
next Saturday.

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