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Bug Jam 29, VW Festival 2015. Part 2 of 2

This weeks blog review is part 2 of 2 of Bug Jam 29, which was held at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, on 17th - 19 July. This 4 day event had been running for the last 28 years at the same location and is now one of the U.K's biggest VW festivals. There is always plenty to do all weekend including: RYWB (run what you brung) racing, show and shine, 5 different music tents and monster truck displays and there are plenty of food and drink vendors on site to cater for every taste. My blog review continues as I wander around the camping area looking at all the gorgeous Volkswagen's.
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This gorgeous olive green oval window beetle
caught my eye, I do like the oval bugs and this
one looked like a real early one. I did like that
big red spot light on the roof rack.

A super clean 1971 early bay finished in a
lovely coat of what looks like Kansas Beige
although I could be wrong!, whatever the
name of the colour is, it looked great. The
chrome 5 spoke wheels added some bling.

This cool looking 1977 late bay looked great
with those retro stripes and the chocolate
coloured body. This bay had an unusual pop
top which looked great.

OK, it's not a Volkswagen but when you come
across a totally original 1963 Austin Cooper S
you just have to take some photo's. This light
blue Cooper was immaculate.

This really is a gorgeous example of the
classic Austin, that must have had a nut and
bolt restoration as it really was like new.

I did like this teal coloured 1971 early bay and
the concertina pop top with the clear panels.
Again a very nice bay without being too flashy.

Santa Pod is primarily a drag racing venue so
it's not unusual to see some race cars parked
up around the venue, this old skool 1969
 Vauxhall Ventora looked great in it's satin black
paint with green stripe. This looks like a true
1970's British muscle car.

This beefed up 1966 Volvo Amazon looked
awesome with it's flared arches and unique
paint scheme.

I did like this old Volvo, I'm not sure if this was
used for 1/4 mile racing or circuit racing, but it
doesn't really matter when you have such a
cool looking car.

In the same year as Volvo were producing the
Amazon (above), Volkswagen were producing 
this stunning 1966 beetle. The super clean
example looked great in that blue paint and
from being lowered. The contrasting white
painted steel wheels suited the car perfectly.

Another vehicle from 1966 was this split screen
kombi. This bus had some serious patina in
the dark red / maroon paint. This bus rides at
close to stock height with painted steel wheels,
with white wall tyres, which just looks so good.

If you like your buses with a bit more RAT look
then this 1964 splitty should fulfil your cravings.
What you see is what you get, definitely there
is nothing hidden on this lovely bus.

Another ratty 1964 split screen kombi this time
in grey primer and equally as nice.

Looking across into the club camping area at
Santa Pod Raceway home of Bug Jam 29.

Looking across into the general camping area,
these photo's really do not justify just how busy
and how many people were actually at the show.

At Bug Jam it's all about Volkswagen's new or
old as this 1970 early bay and 2003 new beetle
prove parked up together.

I spotted this lovely early bay cruising around
the site, this panel van was for sale so I think
the owner was just spreading the word.

This gorgeous jet black 1977 181 Trekker was
stunning. It had been seriously lowered and had
 a nice set of aftermarket wheels. The yellow
headlight lenses add some colour to the front. 

This gorgeous bright orange 1969 / 70 early
bay was up for sale. This bus really was
immaculate inside and out and had an asking
price of £18,000 ($28,000 approx).

The interior was just as nice and detailed as
the exterior. This really was a nice bus.

In the action arena, Santa Pod's own resident
monster truck Podzilla was showing off it's
car crushing abilities. The organisers had
organised a duel between Podzilla and
another monster truck..

.. called Swamp Thing. This monster truck is
the 4 time British Champion and it was clear
to see why, the amount of 'air' this truck got
was amazing.

The 'Cool Flo' guys were at Bug Jam in their
lovely blue over white 1970 panel van.

A lovely white over black early split screen. The
chrome towel rail bumpers and chrome body 

trim contrast the gloss black paint perfectly.

This awesome grey primered beetle was one
of the race cars, I don't know what size motor
this bug had but it was BIG and had a huge
turbo bolted to it.

I have to admit I don't really know what I'm
looking at, except to say that I bet it's fast.

Santa Pod hosts the Outlaw Anglia's series
racing and some of the Outlaw Anglia's were
running at the weekend.

This pro-street Pop (Anglia) looked tough with
that huge wheel and tyre combination crammed
under the stock body and that huge rear spoiler.

This chopped and channelled Anglia looked
great with it's traditional hot rod style black and
flames paint job. Massive rear wheels help to
get traction when racing.

A massive big block motor crammed in the
small engine bay of the old Ford. The tube
chassis could almost be called a work of art.

The 1965 GTO was produced as a muscle car,
but this GTO has had some serious performance

Those huge 15" x 15" rear tyres and the neatly
packed parachute give a glue as to this cars
race intentions.

This immaculate 1967 notch back in light blue
caught my eye as it looked all original, and
looked gorgeous parked up in the sunshine.

A super straight, super clean lowered single
cab split screen pick up, with a narrowed front
beam, it was simply stunning.

A lovely old 1967 Dodge A100 Sportsman in
what looked like stock original condition. The
A100 vans were produced from 1964 - 1970.

A seriously low Dove Blue split screen panel
van, with a seriously narrowed front beam.
This van had some gorgeous patina.

This lovely old split screen was a U.S. import
and had some serious patina on the paint

work.This bus was still displaying the states
plate so that gave me an idea... 

My blog has quite a few followers in California
so I wondered if anyone in the sunny state

recognised this registration plate? I know it's
an extremely long shot but you never know.
(no prize's are up for grabs, it's simply for fun)

I did like this old sign written single cab split
screen pick up. The cover over the pick up
bed looked great as did the roof rack and the

Another incredibly low early beetle finished in
a nice light bronze colour. I did like the old
 wheel trims.

This gorgeous 1967 cherry red split screen
was amazing. The perfectly straight body with
the gorgeous red paint is simply stunning.
The chrome wire wheels and the chrome
 bumpers added some lovely bright work.

I liked the two bow, and three bow roof racks
on this bus. The chrome bumpers, body trim

and window trim break up the gorgeous red
paint just enough.

From one extreme to another, but equally as
nice in their own way are this RAT looking bug
and early split screen parked up behind the pit
area of the track.

This lovely early split screen panel van had
some lovely patina going on. This bus was
riding at close to stock height and on the
original steel wheels, which always looks good.

The owner of this 1969 beetle had made sure
he'd have somewhere to pitch his tent, as it
does get crowded in the camping areas. This
neat roof mounted tent looked awesome.

This seriously low bright red 1966 beetle was
just slowly cruising along towards the race
tack, and looking cool as he did so.

This super straight gloss black oval beetle not
only had a super straight body, with lovely
original steel wheels with domed hub caps,
and lovely shiny chrome towel rail bumpers
but this lovely bug also had..

... A cool registration number. I don't know if
you can get a 1797cc motor, but how cool
would that be if you can and you put it in this
lovely beetle.?

OK I know it's not a Volkswagen, but Land
Rover but I saw this and I thought, now that is
a neat camping solution. The tent is on the
roof with access via the rear awning which
provides a dry secure space and with a sun
canopy coming out of the side of the 'Lanny'.

As I was making my way out of the show and
heading home I noticed this early bug, and
looking at the sombrero and moustache
I thought to myself 'Adios Amigo'

So that was Bug Jam 29, as usual the show
lived up to it's reputation as the biggest VW
show in the U.K. I missed so much as there
is only so much you can do in a day. You
really do need to be there for the whole
4 day weekend to take it all in. The weather
was good which makes a change at Santa
Pod, as normally it rains. If you can get
to Northamptonshire next year I suggest you
try as it'll be the 30th anniversary and they
have promised some good live acts in the
music tents.

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