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Outcast VW Club, August Monthly Club Meet.

This weeks blog review is about the Outcast VW Club which is not so much a club, but more of a group of friends who have Volkswagen's, either air-cooled or water cooled and who like to meet on a regular basis to chat about well, almost anything. The club was formed by Claude, Stuart and myself back in July 2012 to enable local Volkswagen owners to have a regular place to meet up and discuss their vehicles. On the first club meet we had just 4 vehicles attend the club meet, today we can have up to 20 vehicles. You can read about our second Outcast Club meet here   There is plenty of opportunity to ask advise about how to do something or how to fix something on your VW, as well as give advise to other members on how you fixed or done something. There is also opportunity to chat about what ever arises. We are a friendly relaxed group and welcome new members. To become a member of the Outcast VW Club all you have to do is turn up at a club meet. We hold regular monthly meets but there is no obligation to come along every month (we do understand people have a home life!) We meet on the first Thursday of each month, come rain or shine and throughout the year at The Charter Public House, 2 Rimmington Way, Aylesbury, HP19 8AW, from 7.00pm onwards. It is located on the main A41 towards Waddesdon close to McDonald's so it's easy to find. Our members have a diverse array of vehicles from split screen and bay window buses to early beetles, to off road beetles to the newer T4 and T5's and a few Golf's and a Lupo.
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About 12 -18 months ago fellow Outcast VW
Club member John bought this gorgeous satin
white over satin blue split screen kombi. This
bus was really nice, the body panels looked
perfectly straight, the satin paint looked almost
flawless, and it sat just right.

The chrome bumpers were shiny and looked
like new, the painted steel wheels were finished
to the same high standard as the body so you
would think John would be happy with his new
purchase wouldn't you? So would I, but John
wasn't and shortly after purchasing the bus he
announced that he was taking off the road for a
complete rebuild.!  I have to admit I thought he
had gone mad, but John had a vision in his

mind on how he wanted his bus to look and
at this months club meet John debuted his 
newly rebuilt bus and wow what a difference...

The first thing you notice is the new colour of
mango and white. This two tone colour
combination on a split screen always looks
good and John's is no exception. John was
saying that there are a few minor paint defects
that he isn't happy with, but these will get sorted 

once it goes back to the paint shop. But overall 
the paint finish is to a very high standard. The
 twin NOS yellow fog lights mounted to the 
colour coded towel rail bumpers finish off the 
new look to the front end. 

The new colour transforms the looks of this bus
giving it a fresh new look. The floor pan and the

whole underside is also painted to the same 
high standard in the mango colour. New wheels 
add some sparkle to the clean fresh new look.

Perfectly straight panels covered with an almost
flawless coat of paint provide almost perfect
reflections. John has also had a complete new
suspension set up fitted which should provide
better handling and a smoother ride.

The rear end is so good looking with the
colour coded bumpers. What a difference a 
colour change can make to a vehicle.

The repaint also included all the interior which
is finished to the same high standard. New
flooring and upholstery compliment the colour.

The new tan vinyl upholstery and door cards
 were all re-trimmed by 'Bromsgrove Auto 
these guy's are specialists in re-trimming VW's 
and the whole of John's interior only took 
about a week to complete from start to finish. 

Looking inside the cab area of John's split
screen you immediately become aware of how
nice the paint finish is and how nice the new
upholstery looks and smells. Well done John,

the bus looks awesome.

A regular at our club meets is Kevin who came
along in his off road beetle. Kevin regularly
competes in off road trails all over the U.K.
Kevin also has a crew cab T25 pick up that
he uses as a daily driver.

Kevin's newly painted pink wheels, I'm not
going to say a word, but you can add your
own caption here:....................................

Sam also came along in his off road trial Bug.
Kevin and Sam are father and son and Sam
often joins Kevin in their trialling pursuits. This

Bug is also Sam's daily driver.

Stuart and his son Tim came to the club meet
in his 1970 green Beetle that Stuart uses as a
daily driver. Stuart also has a turbo powered
1971 early bay.

My 1969 Microbus actually looks quite clean and
shiny, not quite sure why..? but she does look

good in the evening sunshine.

Claude's 1960 split screen kombi was looking
as clean as ever. This Californian imported bus
sees plenty of mileage with several road trips
into Europe already under it's belt.

Dave and Angela came along to our club meet
in their 1967 split screen which has just taken
them on a 2000 mile plus round trip across

Europe including Belgium and Germany and
France without any mechanical problems.

Gary came along in his new look early bay.
Gary has had the bus lowered and recently
purchased the white Empi 5 spoke wheels
and the front over riders. These changes
 make the bus look so different.

The variety, the standard and the sheer
numbers of Volkswagen's at the Outcast VW
Clubs monthly meet is always very impressive
which is a testament to the dedication of
the members.

Split screens, early bays and late bays line up
together. The diversity of vehicles at the Outcast

Club's monthly meet is fantastic.

Aaron and his partner Robyn came over for
the first time from Milton Keynes in their 
gorgeous 1960 split screen bus called 
'Sammy''. Aaron and Robyn recently got 
back from a trip to Wolfsburg in Germany
 in their bus and apart from a minor brake 
issue the bus behaved itself perfectly
and never missed a beat.

Ryan came over to our club meet in his cool
1970 early bay. Ryan's bus is running a 2054

cc engine with CB044 heads, an FK8 cam,
1:4 ratio rockers, full flow oil flow, oil cooler
with fan and a custom oil breather. It also has
44mm modified Kadron carbs, and a CB bell
crank linkage.. and yes it does goes very well.

Luke came over with Ryan in his 1975 white
over light blue late bay. Luke's bay is running

a standard 1600 motor with a centre mounted
Dellorto DRLA & GT style exhaust. Both Ryan 
and Luke are members of a new Volkswagen
group called 'VW Collective' on facebook.

Three generations of the Volkswagen bus
parked up side by side in descending order

at the Outcast Clubs monthly meet.

New member Pete came along in his cool
looking Mk1 white Golf convertible. This 1990
rag top looked in fantastic condition.

Water cooled and air cooled Volkswagen's
parked up side by side. All Volkswagen's are
welcome at the Outcast Club monthly meets.

The Outcast VW Club is a very relaxed and
informal gathering full of friendly of like minded
people who offer a warm welcome to all

Looking along the main line up of vehicles at
the Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

Looking along the main line up of vehicles at
the Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

Ryan and Luke are having a leisurely stroll
around looking at all the members vehicles at
the Outcast VW Clubs monthly meet.

The members of the Outcast Club are friendly
bunch of people, who just love to talk about
 their vehicles and show off what they have
done to them.

Looking along the main line of members
vehicles parked up at The Charter. As usual
the variety of both air-cooled and water cooled
Volkswagen's was amazing.

A nice trio of buses parked up at the Outcast
Club's monthly meet.

The car park is big enough so that the Outcast
Club can all park together without bothering
other customers. This also allows for some
great photo's of members vehicles.

A better look at the Outcast Car Park who
meet at The Charter Inn, 2 Rimmington Way,
in Aylesbury. HP19 8AW on the first Thursday
of each month throughout the year.

We had another new member turn up this month,
Jason in his 1987 white high top T25. It was
great to meet him and we hope he enjoyed
his visit to our club meet and hope he will come
back again in the near future.

It's almost dusk and Ryan and Luke have
quite a distance to get home so they said
their goodbye's and headed off home.

A rather fuzzy photo of Luke leaving the club
meet. I did like the white LED driving lights in
the indicators. It was great to see both Ryan
and Luke at our club meet and we hope it's

not long before they come back again.

Amanda came along later in the evening in her
silver Golf. Amanda and her partner Simon

also have a T4.

Aaron and Robyn leaving the club meet to
head off back to Milton Keynes. This was
Aaron and Robyn's first visit to our club meet
and we hope it's not long before they both

 come back again to visit us.

So that was the August Outcast VW Clubs
monthly meet. Yet again it was a fantastic
effort by all the members to have such a
large turn out of members vehicles and 
a fantastic evening overall. Next month
we'll be into September so it'll probably 
be the last month of a daylight meet, but
hopefully the members won't be put off
by the darker and cooler nights. Our next
club meet is this Thursday coming, 3rd 
September at The Charter, 2 Rimmington 
Way in Aylesbury HP19 8AW from 7.00pm 
onwards so we hope to see you there!

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