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Bug Jam 30, (part 1 of 3)

Welcome to my VW related blog which this week is all about Bug Jam 30. The Bug Jam VW Festival celebrates it's 30th anniversary this year, and as far as I know has always been held at the world famous Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire. Bug Jam is a weekend festival for all makes of Volkswagen's and this year was held over the weekend of 22nd - 24th July. There is always plenty to do and see at Bug Jam including: 5 music arenas, drag racing, run what you brung (public track time), show and shine, comedy artists, traders, stunt displays, jet car, auto jumble, fun fair and much more. Bug Jam is billed as 'Europe's biggest and best VW festival' I haven't been to that many European VW festivals so I can't comment if it's the best show or not, but it certainly is big. There must have been tens of thousands of visitors over the weekend. Due to family commitments I could only go for the day on the Saturday, but there were thousands of Volkswagen's of all descriptions already there parked up with their the camps set up for the weekend, and hundreds more vehicles who like myself went for one day only. Whatever type of Volkswagen rocks you boat, I guarantee you'll find it at Bug Jam. 
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The first vehicle that caught my attention was
this lovely race themed grey Porsche 356B.
This car looked great with it's patina'd paint
and 'aged' sign writing. I did like the yellow
headlight lenses and the 'knock offs' on the

The easiest was to identify between models,
or the way I identify these 356's is, the 356A
has one single vent on the engine lid while the
356B has twin vents. You can just make out the
twin vents under that cool deck lid rack.

The interior of the 356B looked nice and original
which is how it should be on a classic Porsche.

Walking past the club camping area this photo
shows what Bug Jam is all about. Volkswagen's
of all descriptions, sunny skies and time to just
chill out, relax and unwind in the sunshine.

This stunning 1966 13 window split screen bus 
that I spotted in the camping area was totally
 immaculate. The white over orange paint was
applied over perfectly straight body panels.

This very unusual bus and trailer combination
caught my eye. The late bay with a trailer made
from the front quarter of another late bay, and
both were painted in this very unique colour

I'm not sure what this paint effect is called, but
the Porsche wheels were also treated to the
colourful finish.

Another photo looking towards the camping
area at Bug Jam 30, buses of all years and
models all parked up together while their owners
enjoy the entertainment and facilities laid on
for the event at the Santa Pod Raceway.

Whilst wandering through the camping area,
(where you get to see hundreds of quality VW's
that are not in the show and shine) I spotted
through a gap in the tents / buses this lovely
1960 split screen and thought I know that bus!

This stunning bus belongs to friends of mine,
Aaron and Robyn who often pop over to our
club meet. This really is a nice that is always
immaculate and could / should be a show winner.

This seriously low 1959 mango split screen
 looked amazing. The narrow front beam on 
drop spindles added to this buses low stance. 
The yellow headlight covers looked just right 
and suited this bus perfectly.

This really was a lovely straight bus, that was
imported from New York, the new paint finish 
was exceptional. The BRM wheels suit the 
buses mango and seagull grey paint. Now you 
can see why I wander around the camping
 area's, if I hadn't, I would never have seen 
this gorgeous bus. 

This old skool satin black bug caught my eye,
with it's laden roof rack and steel mesh visor.
I did like the hot rod style red painted steel
wheels with white wall tyres.

This old bug had yet more cool accessories
at the back including, the Empi side air scoops,
and the rear screen visor.

A typical camp set up at Bug Jam. This years
weather was exceptional with high temperatures
and clear skies. A lot of people I saw walking
around were suffering from the infamous 'Pod
Face' where people seem to get sun burnt
faces when it's this hot at Santa Pod.

I noticed this gorgeous silver / grey oval window
beetle driving up towards the drag strip and just
had to take a couple of pictures.

This very original stock looking bug looked
amazing as it cruised past. I do like to see an
old bug in original condition, especially when
they are this clean.

This split screen caught my eye as it looked
so monochrome. The silver thermal screen
cover and the silver paint blended well, the clear
glass in both the headlights and those 5 spot
 lights added to the monochrome colour scheme
on this very cool looking bus. 

Another stock looking beetle was this totally
immaculate white pre '63 model. This was one
of the cleanest stock looking beetle I have seen.

Everything about this car is 'just right'. The
colour, the ride height, the wheels.. everything.
This has to be one of my favourite vehicles at
Bug Jam 30.

The amazing purple colour on this 1964 (I think)
Chevrolet truck looked fantastic in the bright

This really was a stunning example of this old
Chevrolet classic. The white cab and stripe
help to break the purple colour up just enough.

The super cool highly polished Rocket racing
 wheels are the perfect choice as are the low
 profile tyres.

The good thing with Santa Pod is that you can
freely walk around the pits, having a good look
at all the vehicles that are preparing to race the
1/4 mile strip. This super tough 'Outlaw Anglia'
looked awesome and had a 496 cubic inch
big block V8 engine.

You can see just how tough this Anglia looks
from this photo. The massive rear wing, the
parachute, the wheelie bars and those huge
15" x 15" rear wheels with Hoosier slicks all
give this car an aggressive look.

A sneak peak under the rear end show just how
big those slick tyres really are.

This gorgeous sky blue pro-street ford Anglia
gave off a false impression. At first you think
it's just a very nice Anglia, but then you notice
the roll cage and the huge wheel and slick tyre
combination tucked under the original bodywork.

Pro-street cars tend to have a race built chassis
and running gear with integral roll cage and a
massive V8 engine, all tucked into the original
bodywork as this one has.

Those massive Hoosier tyres on the custom
wheels are tucked under the cars stock rear
wings, however on the inside the body would
have had to been cut out to accommodate the
massive wheels and tyres.

This is a rare glimpse of a funny car without
the glass fibre body. The motor on this one
is a whopping 500 cubic inch that propels this
 car down the 1/4 mile in less than 5 seconds.

From a standing start, by the time this car
crosses the finish line a mere 1/4 of a mile
away, it will be travelling at just over 200

 MPH and to help get traction off the line you
need these massive sticky slick tyres.

The lightweight glass fibre body is based on a 
Dodge Stratus and is simply lifted onto the 
chassis by the race crew.

This lovely SO42 split screen was parked in
the pit area and it looked gorgeous. This
stock looking bus really stood out.

The roof rack, cycle rack and clear rear light
lenses looked cool. This bus really was so
clean and straight.

No this isn't the race Marshall's hut, but a very
unique vehicle made to look like a wooden shed.

I didn't find out much about this wild creation,
like what vehicle it is based on, or what engine
it had but it did look kind of cool. The bonnet
was actually covered in shed roof felt as was
the roof. 

Even though I could see inside the cab, I still
couldn't work out what the base vehicle was,
but it did look comfortable.

The dogems ride at the fun fair provided some
sought after shade for the blazing sun. The
fun fair was just one of the attractions to help
 keep everyone entertained over the weekend.

Looking across the 1/4 drag strip from the fun
 fair at the end of the pits. The fair is up towards
the finish line, hence why the crowds seem a
little sparse. Down towards the start line the
banks were heaving with spectators.

Walking back towards the camping area,
through the trade stands I spotted this cool
looking stock 1960's beetle. This really did look
clean so I decided to take a better look. 

This old bug was mega clean, and I just loved
the ride height and those off white steel wheels.
I saw who I thought was the owner so I decided
to get a look into the engine bay ...

It turns out the engine was an electric motor !
Apparently driving around town you can just
leave the car in second gear and the motor
will do the rest. Then when you hit the motorway
select 3rd or 4th gear and again the electric
motor will give you plenty of power whenever
you need it.

This lovely stock looking 11 window split
screen looked great as it slowly cruised by
towards the pits. The faded paint looked
 original and along with the stock ride height
this bus really caught my eye.

Another heading towards the camping area /
pits was this lovely lowered 13 window. It
looked as though it had a narrowed front beam
with Fuchs wheels. The white over blue paint
had some cool fading / patina which always
looks good on split screen buses.

The owners of this classic Airstream trailer
knew how to camp in style. The polished
aluminium body style hasn't changed much
since the company was formed back in the
1930's, but the interiors now-a-days are really

A late bay and an early bay painted in very
similar colour schemes enjoying the sunshine

at Santa Pod Raceway.

Buses of all models parked up together in the
camping area at Bug Jam 30. The camping area
really does get crowded so get there early to
secure your spot.

A small patch of grass in the camping area,
enough to fit another bus or two in there!

This lovely 1965 13 window split screen was
 super clean and so straight. I did like the colour
 coded front and rear bumpers which just finished
off the overall look on this gorgeous bus.

The polished Radar wheels look great against
the body colour, and the 2 bow roof rack is a

nice addition.

So that was the first instalment of the Bug Jam
30, blog review. The second part of this review 

will be next Saturday where you can see plenty 
more quality bugs and buses and so much more.

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