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Just Kampers Open Day 2016. (part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the third and final instalment of the Just Kampers open day 2016. Whether your into Volkswagen's, classic cars, hot rods or any other specific vehicle, you will no doubt have you're favourite parts supplier, that special place to get all the numerous parts and accessories you need to keep your pride and joy on the road, and as an owner of an 1969 early bay and a slightly newer T4 I am no different. My favourite parts supplier is Just Kampers based in Odiham in Hampshire here in the U.K. They are my favourite supplier simply because the prices are very competitive, the customer service is extremely good with very knowledgeable and helpful staff and and any parts ordered are normally in stock and always sent out for next day delivery (and normally with a free small packet of sweets!). The website is also a bonus as it's so easy to navigate and find what you want. I think I'm right in saying that every year Just Kampers hold an open day with weekend camping available. The open day which this year was held on Saturday 11th June at the Just Kampers headquarters, with camping available on the Saturday night. These open days attract hundreds of customers / visitors in their prized Volkswagen's of all descriptions, and also traders and caterers which all help to make this open day, a great day.! I had heard of this event in the past, and attended the open day for the first time last year so this year I decided to have another drive down into deepest Hampshire to the village of Odiham, which is about 60 miles from my hometown of Aylesbury. I put a post on Facebook saying about this event but for some reason none of my VW buddies seemed interested in attending, so on the Saturday morning as the sun was shining I put some cool tunes on the stereo and Fiona (my early bay) and I set off. Just Kampers do not only sell parts and accessories for campers and buses but also Beetle parts, camping gear and even motor insurance. You can check out the the easy to use Just Kampers website here: The blog continues as I wander around the JK headquarters looking at all the amazing Volkswagen's.
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This 1967 split screen caught my eye for two
reasons, firstly because I like panel vans and
secondly because of the unusual colour, a sort
of metallic grey which suited the van so well.

This old '67 was really straight and the all one
colour looked fantastic.

Highly polished Radar wheels always look
good, and these complimented the grey paint
on this split screen panel van perfectly.

I'm not sure what size engine this old split was
running, but looking inside the engine bay I was
impressed on how clean everything was.

Just a handful of the late bays that attended
the Just Kampers open day.

This 1970 Devon conversion was immaculate. 
The body was super straight and the Savanna
 beige ( I think) paint was flawless.

This early bay looked to be standard height,
and with the cool accessories such as the 2
bow roof rack and the retro red check curtains
this bus really stood out. 

Looking across into a very small part of the
weekend camping area from the Just Kampers

This very patriotic themed beach buggy I have
seen on numerous occasions at various shows
and at the Ace Cafe. It is painted in the Union
flag and helps to raise money for 'Help the
Hero's' charity for our injured servicemen. 

This really is a cool looking buggy. I do like that
wild exhaust that must sound great.

If you like your buses to have the RAT look
then this grey and white 1978 late panel van
should be just the thing for you. This van did
actually look straight and solid despite the 
trendy RAT look paintwork.

The twin front spot lights and the roof rack
compliment the overall look of this van. The

RAT look is still cool as this van proves.

Another cool panel van, this time a 1970 U.S. 
imported early bay from Nevada, that was 
also had a slight RAT look. I did like the sign 
writing down the sides of this bus and the truck 
style mirrors. The front has been lowered by the
use of dropped spindles.

The ratty bodywork, the signwriting, the sticker
bombed engine hatch and those custom wheels
all helped to make this bus stand out. This cool

van had a 1600 tp motor and a camping interior.

The sticker bombed engine hatch and the U.S.
number plate wrapped around the bumper
made the rear end different from other buses. 

Another cool original sticker on this imported
cool looking ratty van.

Mango and white has to be my favourite
colour scheme for a split screen bus. I don't
know why, maybe it just looks right and this
slightly RAT looking bus just proves my point.

The body was actually very straight and solid
looking, it just had the RAT look to the paint 
to go 
with it's lowered stance and narrow front end.

More original U.S. stickers in this lovely old
mango bus

And on the rear screen, stickers from Georgia
and Pennsylvania, this bus sure did get around.

This authentic looking 1986 T25 Fire bus was
parked up. The bus now has what looks like
BRM wheels and a cycle rack, which I'm sure
would not have been standard issue !!.

I did like the orange light mounted to the gutter,
I don't know enough about German Fire trucks
to know if this is original or not. But real or not,
this was a nice looking bus.

Around mid morning the steady flow of vehicles
arriving at the open day was still going strong.
There was a steady stream of vehicles arriving
for most of the day.

This 1970 Westfalia Campmobile, is very rare 
model with early front wheel arches, and very
 rare rear arches. This bus also has late bay 
servo & brakes and a strong 1600cc SP engine

On the outside the deluxe trim looked new as
where the wheels and tyres. This bus had a 
opening rear screen and has never been welded.

This tintop still has the original cooler and sink, 
along with the rock and roll bed. It also has a 
new headlining. This stunning bus was up for 
sale for £18,950 ($25,131 approx)

I know it's not a Volkswagen, but I just had to
include it in my blog. It's a lovely 1964 Chevrolet
Corvair Monza finished n white. The '64 model
was the last year of the 'early' Corvair's.

This gorgeous car had many new parts including
added duel brake, new carpets, and the engine
was rebuilt less than 100 miles ago.

Classic 1960's styling is very apparent in the
cool futuristic rear lights.

The stunning red vinyl interior is pure 1960's

A new windscreen has also recently been fitted.
This really is a nice classic car that I just love.
It was for sale for the very reasonable sum of 

£9,500 ($12,600 approx)

Another fire bus, this time an early bay. Again
I'm not sure if it was an original fire bus but it
looked great and that's all that matters. This bus

was up for sale for £11,000 ($14,500 approx)

This white over baby blue 1970 Devon (I think)
was a really nice clean bus. It had been cleverly
converted to be used as a mobile Tea shop.

It has upgraded electrics, to cope with the
mobile Tea shop, and still has the original seats
and curtains. The cool money making early bay
was for sale, unfortunately I didn't find out how
much the owner was asking.

I spotted this U.S. imported Savanna Beige and 
white 1969 deluxe Microbus drive into the open
day and just had to get a photo of it. This old
'69 looked just about perfect with what looks
like OG paint, lowered and the Fuchs style 

This really was a nice looking bus. It looked
so solid, as most U.S. buses are due to the
drier climate most of the U.S. has compared
to damp conditions here in England.

This bright red 1974 convertible beetle looked
immaculate. I did like the fact that apart from
those custom wheels, everything else was as
it left the factory.

This really was lovely clean example of the
convertible beetle. As I write this blog we are
experiencing a heat wave (30 degrees / 86f)
and I can just imagine the owner driving this
 around with the hood down.... I'm not jealous!

I spotted this immaculate 1967 beetle parked
up in the camping area and it looked fantastic.
I loved how low this bug was and the fact that
it looked close to original.

The lovely straight body painted in that stunning
blue colour with the painted steel wheels all
helped to make this bug stand out at the open day.

This lovely white over red imported 1970 Westy
looked fantastic. It was so clean and straight.
I did like the ride height and the white painted
steel wheels with white wall tyres. The clear
front indicator lenses look against the bright
red paint. 

The reflection on the rear panel is about as
good as it gets, this really was a nice straight
bus. The all red U.S. style rear light lenses and
rear side markers suit the bus so well.

Yet another cool original sticker on this U.S
import, from Lakewood cycle and surf shop.

Another classic American car at the open day
was this mid 1970's (I think) Dodge Dart Sport.
These muscle cars were produced from 1960
- 1976 and the majority came with a V8 engine.

This was a really nice example of the Sport
model which had the black sport decals down
each side. The Los Angeles Police Dept. used
a high spec version of this car for a few years.

Another very clean and straight imported 1970 
white over red early bay but so different from 
the previous one in so many little ways, but
equally as nice. 

You can see just how straight this bus is by
the reflection in what looks like the original
paint. I did like the 2 tone colour wheels.

This 1972 bay looked cool with it's full length
roof rack with surf and skate boards on. This
looked like a good honest bus.

The white over sky blue may well have been
the original paint on the very straight old bus.

Standard height or lowered..which would you 

We were lucky to have good weather all day
at the Just Kampers open day, however whilst
heading for home on the M25 London Orbital
motorway I drove straight into a heavy thunder-
storm around by Heathrow, luckily it didn't last
for long and I soon drove through it.

Yes, it is a very nice bright yellow Porsche my 
friend, but it just isn't a Volkswagen, is it.!

So that was my blog reviews for the Just Kampers
Open Day 2016. There were hundreds of other
vehicles that I didn't take photos of, purely
because I haven't got the room on my blog!
Overall a success I would say. The number of 
people who camped for the weekend and the 
number of people that attended on the Saturday 
was amazing. There was lots to do and see all day, 
the JK team also had a discounted tent where 
the sold a variety of items at a cheaper price, and 
of course I couldn't resist buying a few items. 
This really is a great one day show that I can 
recommend. If you missed the first two parts
of this review you can find them in 'My Blog Archive'
at the top left of this page. Next Saturday the blog
review will be about 'Big Bang 30' VW festival
from Santa Pod Raceway in Northampton.

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