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VW Expo 2016 - Stonor Park. (part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the 3rd and final instalment about the VW Expo show organised by the Association of British VW Clubs and held in the beautiful setting of Stonor Park, which is located in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. Stonor Park has been the home of the Stonor family for over 800 years, and the magnificent house was built around 1190. The house contains many rare items of furniture and paintings and is open to the public on the Sunday afternoon of the show. The entry ticket to the show allows you to visit the spectacular house. The show, now in it's 32nd year is always very well attended and attracts thousands of visitors / entrants. The show has numerous things going on including: Concours d'Elgance, club displays, miss VW competition, trade stands and an auto jumble. This is always a very well attended show, and I know of at least 6 Volkswagen clubs that attend every year. A few of the Outcast VW club members had arranged to meet up at 09.00 to have a small cruise down to the show on the Sunday morning. The blog review continues as I wander around the show and shine field, basking in the glorious sunshine admiring all the fantastic vehicles.
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Just two of the many quality show standard
 beetle's at Stonor Park. The sheer numbers
and diversity of both air cooled and water
cooled Volkswagen's that attended the VW
Expo was incredible.

Looking across the show and shine field early
on the Sunday morning. The sun is shining and
the queue of vehicles heading into the show was
getting longer by the minute.

This awesome looking 181 Trekker looked
great in it's bright lime green paint, and with
the 'Shrekker' decal on the side. The neat
looking front spoiler / splitter was obviously
there for a reason as was the full roll cage.

This 181 does look tough, I didn't find out what
size engine it had but I'm guessing it isn't the
standard motor.

The interior was pure race themed, with the
roll cage, quick shift gear stick and various
essential dials, including the monster tacho
with shift light.

This lovely late bay with it's white over an olive
green colour was an unusual choice of colours,
but it worked so well. This bus was immaculate.

This bay really was finished to a show winning
standard. The attention to detail was amazing.

This early split screen panel fire bus looked
very authentic from the outside with it's decals 
and blue light. This panel van really did look
nice and solid.

The interior of the fire bus was anything but
authentic looking. It was fitted out with a very
distinctive camping interior which was covered
in lots of Union flags.

This 1970 Westfalia early bay was another of
the immaculate vehicles on display. This Westy
really was lovely and clean and very straight.

I think this, like my early bay is a U.S. import
and it was finished to such a high standard.

Here is a vehicle I instantly recognised, it is 
Julian's 1965 alpine rally style beetle. Julian
 is a member of the local Volkswagen club, 
The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers.

This really is a lovely old bug that is very solid
and straight. 

Fantastic looking buses in a fantastic location.

After a few hours of casually wandering around
looking at all the fantastic show vehicles and
through the trade stands, I headed back to my
bus to make a cup of tea. This is the view out
of my sliding door. Stonor Park really does have
plenty of room for the vehicles to spread out 

and in such an idyllic location.

Whilst drinking my tea and having a rest, this
gorgeous white 1971 fastback pulled up next
to the bus that was parked next to me. I had
not seen this whilst walking around so I quickly
jumped out to take a few photos.

This really did look like a very clean and solid
fastback. The type 3's (fastback, square back
and notch back) were produced from 1961 -
1973 and this one looked factory fresh.

This 1964 deluxe split screen finished in what
looks like Sea Blue and white really was a nice
clean bus. The polished Fuchs style wheels
suited the clean sleek look of this bus. 

The VW Expo show is a very laid back show,
which is ideal for just chilling out with your
mates, and your VW's on a Sunday afternoon.

The grounds of Stonor House are huge which
allows for the show vehicles to be adequately
spaced out to enable the visitors to have a good
look at each vehicle.

This stunning type 3 notchback was totally
immaculate. The off white body was perfectly
straight and the black roof complimented the
body colour and matched the wheels. 

Apart from the aftermarket wheels this notch
looked as though it could have just driven off
the production line. These notchback's were
produced with either the 1500cc or 1600cc

Looking across the rear wing of the lovely notch
at a small part of the show and shine field.

Looking across the show and shine field with
the glorious Oxfordshire countryside as a
backdrop for this great Volkswagen show.

There were so many quality vehicles parked up
in the show and shine field, with almost as many
again in the visitor car park.

This fantastic one day show always has such a
great diversity of air cooled vehicles on display.

Late in the afternoon I spotted this old beetle
driving towards the exit, and I knew I just had to
get a photo of it. It's not a show winner with
flashy paint, but it looked 'just right'. The nose
was down in the weeds and those big rear tyres
filled the rear arches perfectly. This was one
cool looking bug.

VW Expo always has a great diversity of both
air cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's.

Just a few of the beetles in one of the lines of
classic bugs. There were beetle's from almost
every year since production started.

No VW show would be complete without a
'Herbie' replica and at Stonor Park we had two!

This 1956 original right hand drive deluxe beetle
looked amazing. The present owner has owned
this car for only 2 years, but before that the last
owner had the car for 34 years! It still has the
correct 30hp engine and 6 volt electrics.

The deluxe extra's that the Wolfsburg factory
added to the car some 60 years ago are still
on the car today, such as the VW Sekurit rear
pop out windows and the chromed popes nose.
This gorgeous original bug was for sale as it is
with a price tag of £12,500 ($18,400) approx.

Later in the afternoon we decided to head for
home. Driving through the picturesque country
lanes of Oxfordshire I was in good company.
I was following a white over blue late bay that
also left the show at the same time as us, 

whilst following me were...

Claude and Jean in his 1958 low light Karmann

So that was the 2016 VW Expo show that was
held at Stonor Park. This is a show that I often
attend as it always has such a great turn out
of show cars and from the general public. I hope
my 3 blog reviews have given you an insight into
this show and hopefully made you want to visit it
next year. Next weeks blog review is all about the 
Just Kampers open day. So make sure you come
back on Saturday to find out all about the open day.

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