Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Beach Buggin 2012 part 2

Part 2 of the BeachBuggin 2012 show...

Lovely early ragtop beetle was immaculate.

This multi coloured beetle belongs to friends
of mine from Aylesbury. Dave and Angela left
their split screen at home and took their
'Comic Relief' beetle. (hence the big red
nose on the bonnet!)

Although BeachBuggin is primarily a VW
show, there were quite a few scooters that
turned up. There must have been over 50 in
all, and it was great to see them.

Staying on the bike theme, a couple of trikes
also turned up, powered by air-cooled flat 4's.
The attention to detail on these trikes was

Very similar designs but oh so different.

I do like flames on a vehicle (back to my hot-
rod days again) and the flames on this beetle
looked really cool, enhanced by the choice of
polished wheels.

The standard of all the vehicles was very high.
This blue split was really clean... should have
taken more photo's of it.

Stunning green and white split screen. I just
loved this darker green colour.

Another very clean split screen. I did like the
window arrangement on this one.

A pair of gorgeous splits, between them they
had every accessory imaginable, and if you
have it.. flaunt it.!

Some of the beetles in the line up. Again the
standard of the 'show' cars was very high.

A lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday
afternoon. Just chillin' with your VW amongst
friends down by the coast.

Early Porsche was tucked away near the sea
front. Very nice.

Unusual colour mix, but it certainly works for
me. Again only two windows in the back, not
sure if this was standard or not but I do
like this arrangement.

This split screen was a bit of a rat look, but I
loved it. Those yellow spots on the front look
so good.

Karmann Ghia must have been restored as
it was absolutly immaculate.

A turret pop top on the split screen. Very nice.

Nice painted decal on this late bay.

The owner even had a matching 'Monkey
Bike', now that is just showing off...!

single colour split. Loved the colour and the
overall look of this.

I spotted this behind a line of split screens, not
quite sure what it is, but it's made of plastic and
has something like a 1000cc motor.

It certainly looked a bit odd from every angle.

A pair of split screens enjoying the sun.

Single cab early bay in solid green, very nice.

This split screen ticked all the right boxes,
nice stance, nice colours and rusty bumpers.

Ever wondered why the roof racks for splits
came in two different length sizes? so did I.
Now I know.

Again this split screen had so many period
accessories on show.

Baby blue and white does suit the split screen.

I spotted this Karmann Ghia towards the back
of the show. It belonged to a guy from the
'Wolfsburg Weed Huggers' VW club based
just down the road form us in Amersham.

A lovely MK2 Consul convertible in pastel
yellow... back to the 50's.

Lovely rust covered rat looking split screen, I
do like the rat look.

I also like a sign written panel, and this one
was real nice in satin light blue.

I know I said I like the rat look, but this is
probably going too far.!

So many nice vehicles on display in this very
laid back show.

A good variety of Beetle's, Splits, Bays. There
was something for everyone.

Having spent a few hours walking around the
show it was time for bacon rolls. As usual I'm
cooking... it's a hard life eh?

Still James seems to be enjoying my efforts.

The show is a stones thow from the beach,
looking out at the English Channel towards
the Isle of Wight. It was a glorious day and
we could see the Isle of Wight in the

The Isle of Wight passenger hovercraft 
leaves Southsea every 20 minutes or so.
The hovercraft always draws a crowd.

It is bigger than it looks, and spays everyone
with a fine spray as it arrives and departs.

So that was the BeachBuggin show. I highly
recommend this show if you to like to look at
various VW's / American cars /  Bikes / trikes.
You like to spend a day at the beach with the
amusements and fun fair and eating ice
cream with some good friends while just
relaxing and enjoying the day.

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