Saturday, 11 August 2012

'H' Cafe VW meeting

On the second Friday of each month there was supposed to be an organised VW meeting at the 'H' Cafe in Dorchester on Thames. A few of us decided to drive over for the evening, including James, Helen, Claude, Jean, Andy and myself.

We had arranged to meet James and Helen
at the Burger King in Thame Service station.
My bay, Andy's blue panel split and Claude's
Grey 'Tesoro' slit screen waiting for
James and Helen to arrive.

Very rare for Andy to join us so we we're
privileged.! The union jack flag painted on
his roof is so distinctive.

Jean waiting next to Claude's split, as
James and Helen arrive it his lovely blue
award winning beetle.

I normally lead the convoys, but as I wanted
some 'action' shots, James led the way.

There is something about a summer evening
driving in a convoy to a VW meeting.

We took the back roads to avoid any traffic,
it also looks better in the 'driving' photo's.

After a short cruise we arrived at the 'H' Cafe,
unfortunately no-one else had turned up!
The guy in the cafe told us that the guy
who organises the meet was on holiday, so
it had been cancelled.
(I pinched this photo from Claude's blog,
so thanks Claude!)

After a short discussion as what to do, and
as the cafe was closing we decided to head
back to Thame to have a pint and get some
food. Unfortunately Andy's van didn't agree..
his starter motor had packed up and we had
to bump start him. Claude and I were practising 
synchronised pushing with James giving some
moral support.
(I also pinched this photo from Claude's blog,
thanks again Claude!)

Once back in Thame we parked in the market
car park. It certainly gave the locals something
to look at.

Jame's beetle which has recently won a
'Pride of ownership' trophy form the
Thame Classic Car Club.

Andy's spilt screen panel van looking a bit
to shiny for it's own good.

My '69 bay.

Claude's split screen.

A nice line up in Thame town centre, some of
the locals even came across and took some

After a quick pint in the town we headed back
to the original meeting place at Thame
service station and Burger King.

Not sure how this photo came about ,
but I blame Helen because she kept talking
about the crown's in Burger King. Myself,
Jean, Helen, James and Claude looking silly.

Helen and James, aka King and Queen of
Burger King.

When we left it was almost dark. The VW
line up in the Travel lodge car park.

Trying to be artistic with a night shot of Jame's
headlights with the Porsche grills he has
recently fitted.

So although the night didn't work out as
planned, we did have an enjoyable evening
with really good friends.It goes to show that
with good friends it doesn't really matter
where you go, you still all have a good time.

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