Sunday, 12 August 2012

BeachBuggin 2012, part 1

One show I went to last year was, BeachBuggin. It is a one day show held on Southsea Common, in Southsea, Hants on the south coast of England. It was so good last year that I asked a few friends if they fancied going and they said yes. Check out the BeachBuggin website: for more info about the show. I shall post the photos from this show in 2 parts as I took so many photos.!

We arranged to meet at 08.00 at the usual
meeting place in Aylesbury. Andy's panel
split screen, Jame's blue beetle, my bay and
Claude's split. We had arranged to meet
Sean and Lisa en-route.

On the A3 heading towards Portsmouth we
came behind this, I think it was an early Ford
or maybe an Austin...

As it was about a 2 and a half hour journey
we stopped at the services about 3/4 of the 
way down for a comfort break. Sean and
Claude just chilling by the vans.

Sean and Lisa's blue bay, Jame's bug in front
Andy's panel and Claude's split. My bay was
hiding behind all the others.

Another angle showing my bay. The weather
was getting better and better. It was
promising to be a good day.

On the way to the toilets at the services we
spotted all these beach buggies parked up.
As we left to continue onto the show, all those
buggies followed us and joined our convoy
for the remaining 25 miles. That
meant we had a convoy of 13 vehicles.

Turning into the show, there was quite a queue
but when you have VW's all around, including
the lovely baby blue square back in front of
you, it doesn't really matter.

We eventually found a spot big enough to
ensure we all parked together. My bay next
to Andy's panel with the union flag painted
onto his roof. And Claude and James both
in front of me.

Claude reversed his split screen in front of me.

At the front of our parking slot was Sean and
Lisa's blue bay, and James with his blue

This single cab split had dropped the sides
of his bed and was selling bits and pieces
including some wicked wheels.

James and I spotted this late bay with a
tipper bed. Not sure if it was for sale but
having looked around it, it was pretty rotten
and needed a full restoration.

As you would expect from a show called
BeachBuggin, there were plenty of Buggies
on show.

This was one of my favourites, a pale blue
metal flake paint job and extra wide wheels
in white to match the interior.

Metal flake paint is a blast from the '70's, but
just looks right on buggies.

This orange bug had an 'Empi' theme. Another
really nice buggy with wide steels.

This yellow sandrail caught my eye, bet these
are great fun on a sunny summer's day.

More metal flake paint in burnt orange with
chrome Centreline look-a-like wheels.

Gorgeous baby blue early beetle. Totally

The engine bay was as clean as the body.

This was really nice, an early beetle in mid
grey with US spec rear light lenses, and
roof rack with period accessories including
retro cool box and a radio flyer.

As well as VW's at the show there was an
American section and this channelled Model A
pick up stood out for me. It took me back
to my Hot Rod days.

This pick up had some nice pin striping on the
rear panels, and 'Jack Daniels' logos.

'34 Ford in a bright orange / gold colour.

An earlier Ford, probably mid '40's in an
unusual pink colour. It was nice though.

'El Camino' these are rare as chickens teeth,
or rocking horse poo... either way if you have
one, cherish it. This one was immaculate.

This Chevy step side pick up didn't have paint,
it was rubbed down to bare metal.

Although the grill is not standard, the overall
look of this truck was good.

Just to give a idea of the size of the show, my
bay in centre of photo with Andy's blue panel
to the right.

Again looking left at the show, I estimate about
2000+ vehicles attended

Before you ask, I haven't got a clue what this
is, it had a VW badge that's all I know.!
Anyone know what it is?... Identity solved, a
friend of mine on facebook Kevin Jackson told
me this is a Fridolin, thanks Kevin.

Walking around the show the variety of
vehicles was surprising.

This lovely green and cream early beetle with
matching steel wheels was so clean.

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