Saturday, 4 August 2012

Oxdubz VW meeting

This month I ventured into the neighbouring county of Oxfordshire to attend the 'OxDubz' VW meeting. Nathan Dale,from 'OxDubz' 
put a post on facebook reminding everyone about this months meeting and as I know Nathan from other VW meets we both attended I decided to show my support and attend their meet.

The meeting point for the cruise to the meeting
venue was a superstore in Bicester, a town
about 16 miles from my home town of Aylesbury.

I timed my arrival perfectly and met Nathan as
we both turned into the superstore car park.
Nathans early bay which is also a
California import same as mine.

My bay and Nathans bay parked up as we
meet and greet the other members of the
Oxdubz VW club.

I'll apologise now for not knowing all the
owners names, but as this was my first visit
to their meeting, I think I'll be excused.

Very nice split screen looked immaculate.

Early California bay line up.

Nice T4 and golf. This blue T4 was such a
nice colour in the flesh.

Another nice T4 in gorgeous green, a colour
close to my heart.

This should be the sight in every
superstore car park across the land.

After a short cruise of about 6 miles, we arrived
at 'Sturdys Castle' public house and this was
the sight as we entered the car park.

Very rat looking and very low.

I had a quick chat to the owner of this bug.
I asked him why all the new panels? He said
he had passed his test and a few days later had
lost control in heavy rain and had spun into the
central reservation on a dual carriageway.

The front end hit the barrier, damaging the
front end, then the car spun round and the
rear end hit the barrier.

But nothing can stop these dedicated owners
from attending their regular VW meet.

Lovely straight late bay. Loved the colour, and
the single spotlight.

It's nice to see a bay so clean and straight.

That single fog light really makes the front end.

T4 in a really nice green. This was
also very clean and super straight.

Always good to see bugs at a meet, this meet
had such a good variety of vehicles.

Old and new... contrast is what it's all about.

Nice looking late Beetle.

I do like vehicles with yellow headlights,
not sure why though...

So now I know why people have nerf bars, it's
somewhere to put your empty beer bottles.!

Very clean, very straight and very, very low.

Nathan's bay and my bay parked up at
Sturdy's Castle. Nathan mentioned that he
had just got back from a trip to Monchengladbach,
Germany and done a round trip of just over 900
miles in his bus and it never missed a beat.
Now that is what I call a road trip.

Again, old and new. Not sure which I prefer as
they are both as nice as each other for
different reasons.

Modern VW owners like to go low as possible.

Here's something for my mate Stuart, a
chequered front..on this T25.

This T4 is a van of two halves, this side was
immaculate, the other side had a brush with
a big tree, (done by previous owner) and had
a few scuffs which the new owner has already
started working on. 

No caption required.

This awesome looking Beetle races at several
tracks around the UK including Santa Pod
and Shakespeare County Raceway.

I didn't catch what class he races in, but he
was saying it had a 1776 (or similar) motor.

If this beetle goes as good as it looks, it will
certainly be worth going to watch it race.

It just looks ready to race, The owner was
saying it was fun to drive on the road, and rarely
lost out at the traffic light drag races. 

This Caddy arrived later in the evening. I do
like these Caddy's.

This matt green one was really nice looking
and sat just right.

I could see me driving one of these around.

Nathan said that there were 28 vehicle's that
attended this months meet, excluding some
of the regulars who couldn't make it.

This super bright late Beetle arrived later in
the evening, and was mega clean.

Lovely blue T4.

The interior on this late bay put mine to shame.
How people keep their interior's so nice is
beyond me.

Very nice, maybe one day my interior will look
as good... or maybe not.

View along one of the rows of vehicles.

Getting towards the end of the evening, the
split screen as he pulled out of the car park.

Late bay was also getting ready to go, this
really was so low.

So that was my first encounter of the 'OxDubz'
VW meeting and I have to say they are a
really friendly bunch of people, the variety
of vehicles was great and the location was
ideal. Overall a great night. Thanks Nath.

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