Wednesday, 25 July 2012

House of Dub Monthly meet.

This month's House of Dub Monthly VW meet was at a new location due to the previous place closing down. The new venue was 'The Queens Head' in Wing, nr Leighton Buzzard.

The new temporary venue for our meet. Not
sure if were going to meet there again but it
was a nice pub, with a nice beer garden.

Ellie waiting in 'Nitro Nancy' for the others to
join us in the convoy for the short drive of
about 5 miles to the Queens Head.

My bay, also waiting for Stuart and Sean.

Stuart's '67 beetle with the hand painted
chequered front, and novelty 'Taxi' sign.
Check out Stuarts VW related blog:

Zoe and Spike brought their latest import, a
lovely early bay with a patina paint job.

Patina paint is the way to go, and this is just
about right.

Zoe and Spikes favourite bay, for sale at the
moment for a mere £13,500. Check out their
website for more info:

This really is a nice bay, I think it's a '68 or '69
the same as mine.

My 1969 California import in the pub car park
enjoying the evening sun.

Ben left his split screen at home and brought
his new toy, an awesome looking Caddy.

Nice looking stance, and an unusual colour,
nice one Ben.

Sean, joined us in our mini cruise to the meet,
in his cool bay window.

A nice summers evening, a car park full of
VW's and and a great bunch of mates.

Alix arrived in 'Betty Rose', his T25.

Sitting nice and high and soaking up the
evening sun.

Alden came straight from work in his super
bright red and black early bay.

Alden's bus still had signs of a good weekend
away at Bug Jam 2012, at Santa Pod

Sean's and Alden's bay windows both looking

Mark had taken the engine out of his bay for
a rebuild, so he came in this T4.

'Nitro Nancy', Ellie's shiny Golf.

Washed and polished and looking good.

Early bay line up in the car park, my bay and
Zoe and Spike's pair, all imported by
House of Dub.

Coming to a car park near you soon...

Check out the registration numbers on my
bay and Spikes bay, cool eh?

Clean looking Golf with tinted windows.

When Zoe was looking for a temporary pub
to hold this months meet, the fact that this
place had a half price pizza night had nothing
to do with her decision.!

A nice beer garden with some nice people
all enjoying the summer evening.

Really nice to see the regulars and a few of
the not so regular guys and girls at the
H.O.D meet.

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