Sunday, 1 July 2012

Stanford Hall 2012

The Stanford Hall show is organised by the Leicestershire and Warwickshire VW owners club and is held in the grounds of the statley home, Stanford Hall, in the village of Stanford-on-Avon, Northamptonshire.

The grounds of the statley home are massive,
and the show takes full advantage of the space.

A company were selling the components for this
nice looking 1.6 turbo motor for a beetle.

The same company offered a 2.0 motor to put
in your split or bay.

Concourse Beetle line up in front of the house
was very impressive.

James and I followed this beetle for a few miles
en-route to the show in my '69 bay, and I
couldn't keep up with him...! I couldn't find the
owner to ask him what he was running...but it
was quick.

Lovely 1949 stock beetle, in jet black.

This early Military Police beetle was different with
a paris sunroof

The standard of the concourse cars was

I'm not sure light grey and salmon was a
standard colour for beetles back in the day, but
maybe it should have been as this looked

I spotted this in the 'For Sale' field, and I just
had to take a picture because I knew that if I
told anyone about it they just wouldn't
believe me.!

Now then what can I say about this apart from,

Gorgeous splitty panel van.

The show is spread out in the grounds of
Stanford Hall. We must have walked a couple
of miles throughout the day.

No matter what rocks your boat, whether it's a
Razor edge, or a Karmann you will find it here.

This lovely early beetle was not in the show but
in the public car park.

Yes the grass is quite long but you can still see
how low this bug is and how narrow the front
beam is.

The public car park must have had over 1000
vehicles in it, and I would say 3/4 of them were
VW's good enough to be in the show.

Lovely split screen.

Interior was very nice, a good advert for the
owners VW servicing and restoration Company.

The traders at the show had equally nice
vehicles as the show and shine area.

A show wouldn't be a show without a Chevy
stepside truck.

Lovely setting for a VW show, with equally
nice vehicles.

1970's Porsche looked great in lime green.

This Tempo Matador belonged to Phil Jarvis
and must be as rare as rocking horse poo..

Absolutly stunning. Thanks to Kerry, a follower
of my blog from Custard Campers  for
telling me that this won 1st place on points, but
was not included in the trophies. Thanks Kerry.

Split screen in army green, I liked the single
spot light with beam protector.

Another splitty in I think it was Swiss or German
Ambulance livery.

Very nice sign written split screen panel van.

The split screen line up, was very impressive
with what seemed like 100's of vehicles.

Every variation of the split screen you could think
of, and some you couldn't.!

How about this for a low Karmann Ghia, and
how about that for a narrowed beam? 

Wow, now that is radical.

There were quite a few early Porsches at the
show, and this 356 was a fine example and I
for one didn't complain.

Just to give you an idea the size of this show.

Kublewagen I love these go anywhere vehicles.

This one was brilliant, loved the body shape and
the paint scheme.

Interior certainly wasn't built for comfort, but it
was purely functional and looked great.

I would have liked to have seen a display of what
they can do in these.

Another show standard beetle in the public
car park. The public car park was huge.

This was the view on the way out looking back
at the show, you can see how far away Stanford
Hall is, where the concourse beetles were

This was the view I had in my rear view mirror
for the 50 or so miles home. Claude and Jean
in their split screen. Maybe next year I will make
a weekend of it and camp in the grounds of the
house on the Saturday night, but after hearing
the stories ofthe drunken behaviour and seeing
 the hangovers my friends had, maybe I won't.!


  1. We went there, good show, you got some really good images. Phil's Matador got 1st place on points but was entered on a display basis only, it wasn't included in the trophies.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kerry, I appreciate all comments... I can see why the Tempo Matador won 1st place it was stunning, shame it wasn't included for the trophies, it certainly deserved a trophy. Camperjam is the next outing, so if your going there and you see a tatty green '69 bay come by and say hello.! Thanks, Dave.