Wednesday, 27 June 2012

House of Dub Monthly meet.

As regular readers of my blog will know, on the last Wednesday of each month the 'House of Dub' and 'H.o.D. Imports hold a monthly get-together which is an informal affair with friendly people, a good variety of vehicles and at a great location, and this month was no exception. Why not check out the H.o.D. website after you have finished here of course.!

A lovely evening for a cruise over to the Hare and
Hounds pub in Ledburn, LU7 0QB for the monthly
H.O.D. VW meet. Stuart led in his yellow '67 beetle
followed by James and Helen in their immaculate blue
beetle, and I followed in my bus.

Ledburn is a small village in Bedfordshire and getting
to it means driving along scenic country roads on a
sunny evening... it's a hard life eh?

Shortly after we arrived some members from another
VW club, 'Ox Dubs' pulled into the car park. It was
great to see them again as they came quite a distance
to be here.

This stunning square back was 'riding on air'

Not many road driven cars are this clean. The
paint was immaculate and the chrome work
shone like new.

When you have such a clean car you need some
special wheels to compliement the body, and
these Porsche wheels are a perfect choice.

Under the trunk was just as clean as the outside.
Note the hydraulic suspension.

Interior was, as you would expect immaculate.

This lovely notchback was full of period accessories.

The patina look, the ratty suitcases and the overall
look of this notch make it stand out from the crowd.

This buggy just looks so much fun. If I was going to
get a buggy, this is just how I'd like it.

I love the triple light set, and the roll cage, and the

But most of all, I love the polished alloy side panels.

The H.o.D. monthly meet is not just for air-cooled
VW's, this super clean Golf with tinted windows
arrived and caught my eye.

My bus, Jame's blue beetle and Stuarts bug with
the chequered front.

'Toby', James and Helen's beetle with it's new lowered stance
looking as clean as ever.

We never lose Stuart's bug in a crowd, it certainly
stands out.

'Spike' of the 'House of Dub' brought along his newly
finished Audi powered T25. It sounded mean
and certainly didn't hang around.

This really clean Polo arrived, and is a regular at
the H.o.D. meet.

Super straight, super clean,and a trick exhaust.. you
don't have to spend thousands to have a nice motor.

It was nice to see Ben there in his split screen,
he was syaing that his bus is good for 100mph

This blue buggy arrived, I didn't catch the owners
name or where he's from but it was nice to see
him and his buggy.

Not ideal for the British climate, but I bet he has
some fun driving around.

This T25 turned up and once again I didn't catch
the owners name, even though I spent some
time talking to him.!

Mark arrived in his lovely T5, with very low profile tyres.

T4 / T5 is doesn't matter what you drive,
( hey that rhymes !) at the House of Dub.
(That doesn't.!!)

This is Zoe's (from House of Dub) current ride
she was saying they have now
sold it, and just waiting for the new owner to
contact them.

A very casual affair with everyone just chatting about a
all sorts of topics.. all though most conversations were
about VW's.

The 'Ox Dubs' vehicles drew some admiring glances,
and the owners were very chatty about their rides.

VW's everywhere..

James and Helen leaving, nice to see you both,
see you soon.

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