Sunday, 10 June 2012

N.S.R.A. 40th Anniversary Fun Run at Billing Aquadrome. (Part 1)

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the N.S.R.A. (National Street Rod Association) and to mark the occasion it held a fun run at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton. I decided to take my bus and go along to join in the fun. I took over 130 photo's at the show so the Billing write up will be in about 3 instalments.

I don't normally like being in traffic jams, but
the one into the Aquadrome was different.
A V8 Ford Pop to my right and a blown '32
roadster behind me.

Billing Aquadrome is a leisure park set in 235
acres. It has something for everyone, and
well worth a visit.

Camping and parkland set around numerous

Another of the lakes, it's so relaxing there,
make an ideal weekend get-away location.
Check out the website:

There is a miniature railway going around the
lakes, it does save a very long walk!!

My bus parked up in the show and shine area.
An orange '32 roadster to my right and a candy
red dodge van and orange Ford Pop with
a blown motor to my left.

Very clean, very tidy Thames van.

Here we go.. Lovely Chevy step side truck.

1932 Ford roadster in gloss black, very nice.

For a Hot Rod run there were quite a
few VW's, this splitty was parked almost
opposite me.

Early beetle came in shortly after me, and
joined the other end of the line to my bus. 

A fully fendered '32 Ford 3 window coupe in
satin black, mmm...

'55 chevy was looking good, I was surprised to
find very few '55's about at the show.

This Pop had some nice colour changing flames...
I'm sure I saw this car later in the day and it had
the front offside wing and grill dented..?

This pastel blue Pop had '40's Ford type
headlights in the wings, not sure I like this.
Pop headlights should sit on top of the wings
I reckon.!

This Studebaker pick up is as rare as chickens
teeth, grill looks homemade from some old
Mercury parts but it complements the truck.

Model T Ford with a blown motor, nappies are
provided for passengers.

Nice split screen van rolled into the show
and shine area.

How's this for a blast from the past. This
Viva van was knocking around Aylesbury
way back in the '80's (I think) and it hasn't
changed one bit. I'm sure a few of the
Aylesbury (ex) hot rodders will recognise it.

Vauxhall Victor in gasser guise. Another blast
from the past.

Tot rod line was just starting to form..
why didn't we have these when I was a kid.

This early Ford pick up was all original.

Q. how do you fit a blown big block into a
Ford Pop?
A. See above photo. !

It's all about the power. It doesn't matter if 
your car looks like the local graffiti
artists have tagged your ride if your running 
a blown big block chevy motor.

Mmm... Nice.

Yellow model 'A' with bright purple scallops.  

This '32 roadster has been around for years now,
but still looks good. I'm sure this was about about
when we all used to visit the NASC Nationals...

I do like pick up trucks and although this just a
bit to shiny, and a bit to modern looking it
still caught my attention.

Corvette Stingray was trick. So clean,
so nice.

This Vette featured a flip front and a flip rear.!

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