Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ace Cafe VW night

For anyone who is new to my blog, and doesn't know that on the 3rd Tuesday of each month the world famous Ace Cafe, London hold a VW night for air-cooled T4/T5 vehicles. As the weather was pretty good I decided to go along in my bus and enjoy the VW scene at the Ace.

My bus in the 'bay' line up.. It was still quite early
when I got there so car park is a bit empty.
Always a good variety of beetle's at the Ace.

This early beetle arrived shortly after me.

Dedicated to the 'Rat look' and slammed on
the floor.

Narrowed front beam complimented the stance.

This is taking the 'Patina' look a bit far..!

Beetle line up outside the main cafe windows.

Here is a lovely 181 Trekker ( I think) with a
very narrow front beam, and custom exhaust.

Such an iconic shape. This was very low and
looked like it was hand painted, although it
was a very good job.

Interior is not pretty but fully functional for
the intended purpose.

The owner must have studied 'A' level German
at school.

Beach buggy had lots of trick / neat accessories.

A proper roll cage on the buggy which
looked good from every angle.

The engine, as you would expect from a
buggy this clean, was just as clean with
lost of shiny bits.

I spotted this lovely green split screen
driving into the car park.

Very clean exterior, immaculate interior and
such a lovely colour.

Engine bay and engine were both as
clean as the bodywork.

Now here's a bus I recognise, Mark Odell
from House of Dub VW Club and I think
WGC VW Club was at the Ace...
doesn't his lovely lime green T5 stand out
from the others..?

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I
do like a sign written bus. This sign
writing was unique and quite fun.

A late bay, but I liked the colour with the
retro stripes.

OK it was a late bay but it was very straight.

Another regular at the Ace is Darren in his
bay. Darren is always there come rain or shine.

Late beetle was a bit different.

Immaculate late bay, with nice choice of colours...
these guys were chillin' watching the football
on the TV. 

Here's another bus I recognise, Joe's early bay
looking clean as ever.

Saw this sticker in the back of a bay... made
me smile. very true though!

Lovely turquoise and off white split screen.

This was very nice and very straight, loved the
full length roof rack.

This Fiat 500 was parked on the road outside
the Ace. Purple flamed paint job and a neat
number plate.

Gorgeous splitty with full length fabric sunroof.

Really nice looking bus. Perfect colours, and
a nice stance.

Beautiful does not have to be complicated.
Sparse interior on the splitty dashboard, but
functional with timeless beauty.

Another splitty with safari screen.

Tom Dunkley from 'The Wolfsburg Weed
Huggers' was also there in his bug.

I do like the look of the front of Tom's beetle.

Bay line up... Joe's blue bay far left, Darren's
White bay in the middle, and my green
bay far right.

Lovely green / gold oval beetle turned up.

Absolutely stunning everything as it should be.

Some really nice touches were the B post
indicators and the plastic air conditioner
that simply fitted to the top of the window.

Another neat accessory, apart from the
steel sun visor was this spot light.
On back of the light was a concave mirror.

Blue beetle with a modern twist, with alloy
wheels and tinted windows.

Although not to my personal taste, it was very
clean and straight.

This buggy was 'work in progress' and had
a long way to go, but it was on the street
and having fun.

The Ace was originally and still is primarily a
biker cafe, and the local kids were on hand
to entertain the VW fraternity with their wheelie
skills on their 'twist and go' mopeds.

Yeah OK so they are wheeling on public roads,
but you have to hand it to them they were
really quite good.

Every time they went pass, a different stance.

Standing on the exhaust...

Kneeling on the seat.

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