Wednesday, 13 June 2012

N.S.R.A. 40th Anniversary Fun Run at Billing Aquadrome. (Part 3)

The 3rd and final instalment of the N.S.R.A. Fun Run at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton. I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading my informative and sometimes witty comments and maybe it may have inspired you to attend the event next year? 

Fully fendered '32 3 window Coupe in
matt black, looks tough eh?

True hot Rod paint scheme on this '32
Ford 5 window.

Not sure what this was but it was different, and
that is the name of the game.

A '34 Ford brought right up-to-date. A
modern version of a classic.

Probably the best line up in the show
and shine...

This Pro-Steet Ford Popular was amazing.
Lovely paint, lovely engine, lovely interior.

Although it was built for speed, interior looks
quite comfy. This also featured a roof chop.

A pair of Rat Rods in the car park.

'Ed' from the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW
club was at the show with his fastback.
(although I never saw him there) Ed
actually followed Claude and I home
to form a mini cruise. Thanks Ed. !

A home made Ford Classic Capri pick up,
what a blast from the past.

I do like a tatty step side pick up. This one
was spot on.

The mini club were at the show with their
rendition of 'custom'.

Err, Umm..... a 4x4 mini anyone?

A pastel yellow and white mid 50's Corvette
Stingray, absolutely stunning.

This looked like a Bentley, whatever it
was it was very expensive. Just imagine
making the first cut with the grinder
on those doors.

This was very trick and had some nice touches.

A '32 Ford 3 window with a nice twist on
the flamed paint job.

A low lead sled in satin black, how
cool is this.

1940's Ford pick up in beautiful turquoise with
 polished alloy and chrome.

Looks like a bright orange Ford Prefect... with a
dark green Ford Popular
in the foreground.

The contrasting colours on this early step side
truck were absolutely perfect. It complimented
the hub caps and chromed bright work perfectly.

I spotted this Silver Pro Street Ford Pop
taking shelter from the sun under some
trees by the show entrance.

Rods kept turning up all day. A 40's Ford and a
red '57 Chevy driving into the show.

Such a good variety of vehicles and such a high
standard of built quality. Such a pleasure to
actually see these rods driving about rather
than just parked up.

This bike really caught my eye. Pastel blue colour
really set it apart from the other bikes.

The build quality of these bikes is just as high a
s the show cars.

Now these are super cool. How good would it
be to ride one of these around??

My favourite,  I didn't ask the price of this... but
I can safely say I couldn't afford it.

So-Cal sticker on a '32 roadster.

Model 'A' roadster had some nice period touches.

Loved the door cards, looked like rolls of film
featuring Marilyn Monro stuck to the inside
of the doors.

Not 100% sure what this was but it was huge.
Look at those rear tail fins.
(look how small the modern day hatchback
is next to it)

Classic mid 50's Ford Thunderbird in flawless
gloss black paint and white wall tyres.

Lovely turquoise and black split screen
looked cool.

Chevy step side looking gorgeous.

Walking around the park I spotted this Ford
Popular. This black gloss paint was so deep
you could drown in it.! Unusual wheel choice
but I think it works.

Here's one for Ian Munro, who is my mates
brother and now lives in Thailand. This was the
only Consul Capri I saw at the show and only
saw it drive in, I couldn't find it after that.

I do prefer the ratty look on a pick up but this
caught my eye for some reason.

This Ford Pop pick up was just leaving the show
when I spotted it. Not sure if this is converted
saloon or whether it's an Australian import
were I believe they were made as standard
and called a 'Ute'

Hey, I recognise this split screen, it belongs to
Claude Busian. I'm glad you decided to drive
over Claude. It was really good to see you
and it looked like you enjoyed the show.

This is without doubt the best way to get
around the park.Overall it was a very good day
out, the weather was good and the show was
excellent. Same time and place next year then.

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