Monday, 11 June 2012

N.S.R.A. 40th Anniversary Fun Run at Billing Aquadrome. (Part 2)

Part 2 of the NSRA Hot Rod Fun Run at billing Aquadrome.

Cherry red '34 Ford, with bobbed rear fenders,
and massive big block blown motor.

Look up Hot Rod in the dictionary and
there will be a picture of this.
A '32 Ford roadster with a black and
flamed paint job and big and little wheels.

A fully fendered '32 5 window with lovely yellow
paint and slightly darker yellow flames.

The airbrushing was excellent. Look
closely at the airbrushed faces on the fenders.

Wody station wagon, very very clean.

Woody's were in fashion this year.

The name on the door sum's it all up really.

A 5 window model 'A' with a model 'B' grill,
one colour paint and whitewall tyres.

Another classic combo on this '32 roadster.
Baby blue paint with red steels and whitewall
tyres and a 21 stud Flathead V8 engine.

Looks like an early Chevy woody station
wagon. The wood complimented the
patina paint.

From every angle this looked so good.

Not sure what this was, but the detailing in
the airbrushed flames was incredible.

Who ever airbrushed these flames is
very talented.The photo's don't really do
the fading of the flames any Justice. 

Ford model 'Y' with a huge motor.

Low, matt black and made up from so
many different vehicles but I did like it.

Beetle sporting Red scallops and looks
like a slight roof chop.

Another true rod made from whatever the
owner could get his hands on. Loved how low
this was and the headers with the scorch
marks on the doors.!!

Custom bikes were plenty. As much detail
on these bikes as on the cars.

This sounded lovely as the owner
pulled out of the show field.

A fully fendered '32 Ford 3 window in classic
hot rod red with yellow and orange flames

A view of just some of the of cars in the 
show and shine field.

Gasser style Fordson Van. Love it.

'57 Chevy was pure muscle.

This steel model 'A' has been seen at various
shows recently and pretty much how I
would build one.

Wire wheels with cross-ply tyres and
a Flathead V8. The headers are made
to look like missiles.

This was parked up and is fact a 'tot rod' a
miniature version of a car for kids. The motor
is in just a dummy engine.

The real power came from an electric motor
in the boot. Gearing for this was amazing,
so was the build quality.

Fender less Beetle sporting black paint,
red steels and embossed flames on the bonnet
with quad spot headlights.

1959 Chevrolet Apache step side truck.

Model 'A' pick up truck. Original wire wheels,
fender less with original Flathead V8 and low.

Low beetle, with ratty paint.

Another variation of the model 'A' pick up
truck. Fully fendered, moon disc's and modern
Chevy motor built full of goodies.

'32 Ford 5 window. Big motor, modern paint
colours and fully built motor.

A ratty looking pick up. Not sure what this is,
but I liked it.

Yet another variation of the model 'B' pick up.

Anyone remember the classic film 'The
California Kid' well this is a look-a-like
'34 Ford called 'Just Kiddin'

Ford Pop pick up had a lot of modifications.

'34 Ford in lovely grey (primer colour) paint,
chrome grill, V8 with triple carb's and really
nice headers.

Another '34 but this time classic black body with
yellow steels and white wall tyres.

This '37 Chevy in Gasser style looked the biz.
I do like the old Gasser's.

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