Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ace Cafe VW Night

For those of you who have not read my blog before, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month the world famous Ace Cafe hold a VW night for air-cooled & T4 / T5. A few of us decided to drive up and join in the fun. 

We met at the usual meeting place in my
home town of Aylesbury.

(L to R) Claude Buisan brought his split screen 
( brought 
his beetle (
and I was in my bay. It was really nice to meet
Mr.Buisan senior who joined us as he was over
here from France to see Claude.

On the way up to the Ace, this lovely split
came along side me, then the owner nailed
the throttle and it took off like a scalded cat!

Once we had parked up I had a quick chat
with the owner who said he was running a 2.3
motor (or something like that, whatever it was
it was really, really quick.)

You can just see the satin finish paint, it
looked really nice.

I overheard someone say that these wheels are
pretty rare over here with a wide 5 stud pattern.

My green bay in the bus line up, whatever
your preference is in buses, it was here.

Claude's split screen soaking up the evening

We get there quite early and there was still
room to move about.

Nice green split was all original and looked

T25 crew cab pick up. Really trick, really
straight and really low.

I hope the owner remembers his daughter is
playing in the back before he drives home!

A late bay stock height) and the T25 pick up
(lowered, and riding on air suspension)

It was good to see Joe up at the Ace in his
lovely blue and white bay.

Stock height late bay was really immaculate.

Another regular at the Ace is Darren in his
bay, complete with numerous accessories.

Lovely split screen in my favourite colours,
yellow and white. Loved the 2 bow roof

Looks great from every angle. The turret pop
top was a nice feature.

Yes, this will do me nicely when I win the

Bus line up from another angle.

This lovely grey beetle used to belong to a
friend of our's, Zoe from House of Dub

The chequered front on this beetle means it
can only belong to one person.. My mate from
Aylesbury, Stuart.

I don't know much about this buggy, but I have
always fancied one to blast around in.

Another regular is Tom in his beetle. I do like
the look of this bug.

Beetle line up.

I think this T25 belonged to a guy called Carlo
and was a friend of Darren's.

Lovely clean and straight square back
arrived mid way through the meet.

Very clean with fresh looking paint.

Good examples of the square back are
getting hard to find.

'Ed' was also there in his fastback and belongs
to the 'Wolfsburg Weed Huggers' VW Club.

Nice photo showing how narrow Ed's front
beam really is.

Ed's Fastback in the Ace Corner.

This late beetle arrived quite late on in the
evening. Paint was so shiny and looked
really deep.

Another late comer was this Porsche 356A...
or is it?

Looking around the Porsche, it had all the
correct trim and badges, the wheels were
original Porsche...

The rear lights looked original, same as bumper
trim. But Claude was looking puzzled...

As we looked around this Porsche, Claude
was getting suspicious, he was sure
something wasn't quite right.

The interior gave the first clue to it's identity. The
transmission tunnel Claude assured me should
have been square, this one was rounded.

When we looked underneath the front end
we saw a 'Red 9 Design' front beam. Even the
craziest Porsche owner would not take an
original Porsche front beam out and replace
with an aftermarket 'Red 9 Design' beam.
Claude deducted from this that it was a kit
car based on a beetle floor pan / chassis.
Whatever it was it was stunning and very
well built.

Another great evening at the Ace Cafe, the
weather was good, the variety of vehicles
was good and the company was excellent.

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