Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Camper Jam 2012 (part 2)

By now, a lot of you will heard reviews and reports about Camper Jam 2012 and how bad the weather was, all about the mud and all the other negative reports. My review of Camper Jam is not so negative. Yes we had some showers, and yes there was a lot of mud, but providing you took a pair of wellies and an umbrella there was nothing to worry about.

Walking around one of the different camping
areas I spotted this lovely early Karmann
Ghia. Really low, really straight and super clean.

Iconic shape of this classic VW. Really nice.

Lovely looking rear end on this Beetle.

This T4 (I think) was really trick. It had a
towing dolly actually incorporated in the body.
The front half slid under the floor of the van.

This split screen was really nice, until it had
coming together with something hard. Looks like
it'll need a complete new side to sort this damage

Lovely looking early Beetle in the camping area.

Very bright split screen with matching steel

This early split was gorgeous, paint scheme
was awesome. It was so clean.

I could look at this for hours, stunning.

My 1969 bay, with new awning in our camp.

Lovely yellow and white split screen.

All the camping areas were full of interesting
VW's, everywhere I looked something
else caught my eye.

My favourite colour on my favourite VW.
Yellow and white panel split.

I spotted this early Beetle parked under the
trees, lovely stance, straight body and bright
paint. Perfect.

Love the look of the rear end, those wheels
are a perfect complement to the look.

This single cab barn door split screen was on
a trailer, not sure if it was for sale or not but if
it was, I couldn't afford it.!

Empi paint job on this T4 looks cool.

The entertainment area was the place to get
all kinds of food and drink, and the VW theme
carried on here with all sorts of splits and bay's
converted to sell all sorts of beverage.
This split screen was selling Ice's.

Mexican bay, selling fresh orange juice.

Another bay selling yet more ices.

Blue and white T25 Syncro was all go (anywhere)
and the Krankenwagen looked cool.

Lovely looking brown and beige split screen
with period accessories against a very
dramatic sky.

Early 1970's bay looked so straight and clean.

When I first saw this, I thought 'YUK' but it's
starting to grow on me in a weird sort of way.

This lovely 21 window split screen was parked
in the camping area.

It was absolutely gorgeous from every angle.

As I said before, as I walked around, there was
beautiful bugs and buses everywhere.

This bright yellow split screen was painted in
the Deutsche Bundespost (German Post Office)
livery. I think it was an original because it was the
correct colour and had the sliding door, same as
a bay,as opposed to the 2 opening doors most
splits have. Not sure the 'Roo' bars were
original though!

Lovely blue fastback, alongside a light blue
and cream bay, again in the camping area.

This split was stunning, and it was for sale.
There was no price on the sign, but as the
saying goes, 'if you have to ask the price,
you cannot afford it'

OK, we did have some showers throughout
the weekend, which turned the traders area
into a bog. This was the last piece of grass
left on the Sunday morning. I love the sign! 

Claude and Jean strolling through the glorious
mud on the way back from the fun fair.

My feet immersed in mud and wellington boots
were a 'must'.  I have several followers in
California, and I bet they don't go to a show
and end up like this?

Saturday night BBQ, Chicken, Burgers,
Sausages, Salmon.

Saturday night was fancy dress in the main marquee
and Richard (from House of Dub) wore his penguin
outfit and it wasn't long before he pulled a bird... just
a shame it was an inflatable penguin!

Zoe (also from House of Dub) striking a pose.

Although the theme for fancy dress was 'Mardi
gras' all manner of costumes turned up.
Not sure the dog is enjoying the whole
'dressing up' thing as it's owner was.

On the Sunday morning, Claude, Jean and I
decided to get an early getaway. So we de-
camped while the others slept.

On the way out we had one last stroll
around the trading area, as Claude wanted
to borrow a  'it's a VW thing' sign, looks
like Jean wished we hadn't bothered.

About half way home we stopped at a services
for fuel and a quick bite to eat. My bay and
Claude's split in the services,

Hope you have enjoyed my review of Camper Jam 2012, yes the weather did spoil the event slightly, but overall we all had a great time and will definitely go again next year.


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