Sunday, 8 July 2012

Camper Jam 2012 (part 1)

One of the best talked about VW shows in the UK calendar is Camper Jam,  ( ) which is held at Weston Park, Shropshire. Weston Park is a 17th century country house set in over 1000 acres, landscaped by Capability Brown. God only knows what he would think about 1000's of VW's driving over his grounds once a year!
(Due to the number of photo's I took, I will post the write up of the show in two parts.)

Although the weather forecast predicted heavy
rain showers, Claude, Jean, David, Angela and
myself decide to go and join some other friends
and see for ourselves what all the hype was
about. This was my view on the motorway
driving through the torrential rain.

By the time we arrived at Weston Park, the
rain had stopped and the sun was shining. The
queue into the show with my green bay, Claude's
grey split, and David's blue / white split just a
little bit further back.

David and Angela waiting in the slow moving
line of vehicles into the show.

Claude and Jean had the same idea as me, to
stretch their legs as it was a 5 hour journey
to get to Weston Park from our home town. 

Claude ( and Jean
put up their awning and made some long overdue
dinner with Angela just getting comfortable.

My home from home. This is the first outing for
my home made awning. Made from bit's I had
laying about... not bad for a first attempt.

Our friends, Zoe and Spike from House of Dub, 
got there before us and made a really cozy camp
as they are seasoned campers.! Zoe's bay / Alden's
bay and Richards T4 all open up into the camp area.

This is it for the weekend. My green bay, Claude's
Grey split, David's blue and white split / Zoe's
bay / Alden's bay / Elizabeth's bay / Elizabeth's 
friend in her tent / Richards T4 and Tony from
Ox Dubs in his wicked LT35... nice group of
people to spend the weekend with.

David and Angela's splitty with drive away

As it took so long to get to the show, it wasn't
long before it was dark. Entertainment area was
busy and mud was starting to get worse!

Lovely Karmann Ghia was riding on air.

Lovely pinstripe detailing on the boot and colour
choice looked totally awesome.

Most people that have air suspension normally
hide all the 'internals', this Karmann made a
feature of the air tanks and hydraulics.

Trade area of the show, very muddy but busy.
Traders were selling everything you could think
of, and probably some things you couldn't
think of.

I do like unusual cycles, and this caught my eye.
Priced at £190, I was tempted. It looked awesome.

Nice split screen on an island of grass.

Lovely yellow and white split screen I spotted
in one of the camping areas.

If I had a child they would be riding around on
this type of tricycle, cool eh? Love the rear
fenders and handlebars.

This really neat T5 double cab pick up, with
fender skirts looked unusual.

Home made pick up bed with a T2 rear end...

I do like a ratty bus and this splitty ticked all
the boxes.

Love the faint chequered detailing around the
rear quarters and down the side.

It had an awsome looking 2.0 ltr motor in it.

When I first saw this trailer made from a T25
front end I wasn't that impressed...

But I tell you what... it looks more comfy than
my bay, even though it was a bit girlie.

Lovely single cab split in German military livery.

A good variety of single cab split screens.

A true ratty single cab. Looks fab.

Walking around the campsite, I spotted some
lovely vehicles, including this splity.

There were a lot of vehicles that arrived and
just parked up in the camping area, and unless
you walked around the various camping
area's you would never have seen them.

If you have it, flaunt it, and the owner of this split
screen had every conceivable accessory in as
new condition. 

Now this is just perfect.

Yep, from every angle I cannot find one thing
I'd change.

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