Wednesday, 29 August 2012

House of Dub Irish VW Night

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you will know that on the last Wednesday of each month the House of Dud / HOD Imports hold their monthly VW meet. As the previous venue had closed down, Zoe from House of Dub had been searching the local venues trying to find somewhere suitable to hold the club meet. The new location was the Irish Centre in Bletchley, and I have to say what a good venue it is. It has a big enough car park, cheap beer and food and plenty of space we can use for different things. Well done Zoe!
Zoe brought the House of Dub latest import
vehicle, a lovely red bay with patina paint
which is up for sale, contact Zoe at for
more info about the bus or have a look at
it at VW Action this weekend at Santa Pod

This bay looks great with the sun bleached

Spike brought his Audi powered T25, this really
is a beast.

Very unassuming look, until Spike floors the

This golf was riding on air suspension, really
cool car, but I didn't catch the owners name.

Alix and Claire brought 'Betty Rose' their T25
which they intend to tour Europe in, and 
eventually get to Australia. Good luck
guys, have fun.

This is the latest H.O.D Imports bus to be
sold and the new owners Matt and Caroline
turned up to join us. They live just across the
other side of town to me, and hopefully we'll
see more of them at various VW gatherings.
Nice to meet you both tonight, see you both

This really is a nice bus, and which I'm sure
Matt and Caroline will have great time owning.

Ben brought his awesome Caddy along. I do
like this, everything about it is right.

I could have one of these as a daily driver.

Mark brought his super clean, super bright
T5, I just love this colour.

Who says single colours on something this
big doesn't work, I think you'll find it does.

Tony brought his lovely T25, with a 2.0 GTI
motor in it, this bus is so nice.

Another view of Tony's T25. One of the
nicest T25's I've seen, lovely colour, nice
stance and with a 2.0 gti motor it has plenty
of go too.

Gavin from Paint Shop Pro's brought his
Baja. As you would expect from a paint shop
owner, the paint is flawless.

The blue is actually a metal flake paint and
looks great when the light reflects onto it.

A somewhat blurry photo of my bay, and I'd
only had half a pint.

That's better, a clear in focus shot. See how
the paint shines in the evening sun...!

So that was the August H.O.D VW meeting at
the new venue. It was quite a good turn out of
vehicles and I think we all had a good time.
Nobody knows if it will be at the same venue
next month, but I hope so, as it has potential.

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